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  1. Your account was suspended for Copyright Infringement. Looking back at your previous topic, it appears you were suspended first for the "/vb/" folder in your website, which still looks to exist. Have you purchased a valid vBulletin license? If not, are you willing to remove the vBulletin site?
  2. Your account was again automatically suspended for high server load, only a few hours after I unsuspended it manually. I've unsuspended it again, but I've added a temporary .htaccess file into your public_html that will deny all visitors connecting. This should give you the opportunity to resolve the issues with the high server load, without the system automatically killing your account. Once you have fixed the server load issues, you may delete the .htaccess file to once again allow visitors to your site. Your normal .htaccess file is called htaccess_new Thanks
  3. jje

    [Answered] Ftp

    Hi, You can use FTP by using your website as the host, and your cPanel username/password as the user/pass. You may want to take a look at this wiki article for more details: http://wiki.helionet.org/Uploading_files_to_your_site#FTP
  4. Please do not create duplicate topics. Locked. http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/18704-suspended-koral/
  5. I have unsuspended your account again. Please ensure you control the server load you place on the server; this is your final chance. Thanks
  6. Hi, Please could you try using the Forgot Password button at the bottom of: http://johnny.heliohost.org:2082/ It seems to be working fine Thanks Edit: Moved to Customer Service.
  7. Hi, please use the following script: http://www.heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/domain
  8. You were indeed blocked automatically by Johnny's firewall. Your IP address was blocked for 200+ FTP connections. I've removed the block, but please try to limit the number of FTP connections you make, possibly within your FTP client's settings.
  9. Duplicate topic. http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/18642-queued-mdiary/unread/ Closed.
  10. Hi, Your account appears to be active, and when I went to the domain you provided I see an Internal Server Error. This Internal Server Error was caused by a problem in the .htaccess file you had in your document root for mdiary.tk. I've renamed the file to just "htaccess" and your site is now loading perfectly fine.
  11. We don't actually measure users' bandwidth. We don't need to, since everyone's monthly bandwidth limit is unlimited.
  12. Your account was suspended for inactivity. When this happens, you have the ability to unsuspend your account yourself using our "Renew" script. I went ahead and unsuspended your account
  13. Hi. It looks like your HelioHost account is suspended for inactivity at the moment, but you can renew your account at this link. It also appears that the domain 'caroseal.cf' is pointing to the wrong server; it needs to be pointing to our nameservers: ns1.heliohost.org ns2.heliohost.org Thanks
  14. Hi, What email are you using to sign up? Thanks
  15. Hi, Your IP was blocked for 200+ FTP connections by our firewall. I've removed the block, but please try to limit the number of FTP connections you make to the server. Thanks
  16. Hi heycm, This should now be fixed. cPanel had somehow became out of sync with the license servers. We do, of course, use licensed cPanel software on our servers. Thanks
  17. Hi khaox and livius44, When I go to both of your domain names I see your websites fine. If you're still seeing the queued page, please try clearing your cache. Thanks
  18. Hi, Yes, though it involves completely deleting and reactivating your account. Please see this wiki article. Yes, you can add the hosts you want to be able to connect in the "Remote SQL" section of your cPanel. I believe so, yes, but only for certain ports. Thanks
  19. Hi manzeri, It looks like that account is now active and when going to the link you provided I see a Facebook API login page. If you're still seeing the queued page at that URL, please try clearing your cache. Thanks
  20. Hi, Do you have any possible firewalls or routers in place that could blocking the port 2082? Workplaces often tend to do this. Thanks
  21. Hi, Your account's username is navneet3, but it appears to have become inactive. I've renewed it for you and it has now been reactivated. Thanks
  22. Hi juris, Yes, logging in at stevie.heliohost.org:2082 will also be recognised as a login and will renew your account. Thanks
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