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  1. Hi cavok, Sorry about this - it looks like your IP address was blocked for 200+ FTP connections. I have unblocked your IP address now, but please make sure that you limit the number of FTP connections you make in your FTP client. Thanks
  2. When an account causes an excessive amount of CPU power, we have no choice but to suspend the account. High server load has an impact on all users on the server, meaning that we cannot allow users to significantly increase the server load. You have been provided with multiple opportunities to fix the issue, but your account appears to have continued to cause issues on the server. We cannot allow an account to continually slow down the free hosting server, as that simply isn't fair on the other several thousand users hosted on that server. For this reason, I'm afraid we cannot risk unsuspending your account again, after giving you multiple chances to fix this - sorry.
  3. Hi, On Stevie, I am able to add Remote MySQL hosts fine: http://stevie.heliohost.org:2082/frontend/x3/sql/managehost.html Could you please confirm that you are whitelisting the hosts at this address?
  4. Hi, that site appears to already be unsuspended.
  5. Hi anaar, I've unsuspended your account again, sorry about that
  6. Definitely not. All the core dump script does is match and delete files; no way could it inject malware or open a backdoor for malware. When I go to the link provided I see a blank page, not an Internal Server Error. I took a quick look at the script, and it looks like it's simply not finding any files - there are no core files to actually delete, so it's not outputting anything. Your account's clean.
  7. Hi Tudor, The 403 Forbidden issue on your website is caused by the .htaccess file you have in your public_html; please check it over. Thanks
  8. Hi imfree, I'm seeing your account as active and it should be working fine. However, the domain associated with your account is pointing to Cloudflare's DNS, which is not pointing to the right place. A lookup of your domain's A record shows it is not pointing to Stevie's IP. Thanks
  9. Glad your question got answered! Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
  10. This issue has now been resolved. Thank you for your patience.
  11. jje

    Stevie Cpanel License

    An issue on Stevie involving the cPanel license temporarily caused cPanel operations to shutdown. This issue caused an error message related to the license to be displayed when attempting to login. The license has now been refreshed, and cPanel operations are now functioning normally. Thank you for your patience.
  12. Glad your problem got solved! Please spare a few minutes to take our brief survey: http://feedback.heliohost.org/ Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated.
  13. It is probable that an update to Stevie caused the license file to become missing or incorrect. Since I don't have the license command on hand... This support request is being escalated to our root admin. UPDATE: I have found the command and refreshed Stevie's license. cPanel now appears to be functioning normally. Thank you for patience.
  14. Sorry, but we will not permit illegal content to be passed to/from our server.
  15. Your account has been suspended because you were found sending too many emails. Please keep the number of emails you send per day to below 50 or your account will be permanently suspended. Your account has been unsuspended. UPDATE: Your account has now been permanently re-suspended because it contained illegal links to DVD rips which is against our Terms of Service.
  16. jje

    Heliomobile Beta

    Yes, when you login the the HelioMobile homepage then it will automatically count as logging into your cPanel, preventing inactivity.
  17. Do you mean that you are being logged out due to a change in your IP address? If your IP address is constantly changing, it may be difficult to use cPanel as it automatically logs you out in the event your IP address changes. This is for security reasons and to stop "session-jacking".
  18. As a suggestion, you might want to check that there is not a plugin installed on your WordPress that is causing so much server load.
  19. A new European law is coming into force which means that websites must make their users aware of what cookies are and receive some form of consent. Although HelioNetworks (HelioHost and HelioNet) is based within the United States, I would like to clarify how we use cookies at HelioNetworks. By using our services and browsing our website, you are giving consent for us to place cookies on your computer. In case you are not already aware, cookies are little pieces of information that are placed on your computer. We use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as analytics, secure logins, etc. Below is a list of cookies which we have picked up on. Please be aware there may be more that we have not noticed. The below list my change at any time without notification Cookies from heliohost.org __utma __utmb __utmc __utmz _jsuid first_pv_51643 A randomly generated session cookie Cookies from helionet.org helionetcoppa helionetmember_id helionetpass_hash helionetsession_id Cookies from cPanel (stevie.heliohost.org:2082, johnny.heliohost.org:2082, etc) cprelogin cpsession didgettingstarted lang langedit logintheme showdotfiles Cookies from doubleclick.net (Advertising - see the website for details if any) _drt_ id Cookies from getclicky.com & in.getclicky.com & static.getclicky.com (Analytics - see the website for details if any) _cfduid cluid Cookies from invitemedia.com (Advertising - see the website for details if any) camp_freq_p1 exchange_uid impressions_p1 io_freq_p1 subID uid Comments are welcome. Thank you very much. jje HelioNetworks Administrator
  20. Additional to the custom title, we would also be willing to offer an additional 500MB of disk space to the winner of the competition and 250MB to any runners-up.
  21. Hello everyone, Due to a number of requests from people on HelioNet, the HelioHost Website Competition will commence this April so that we can vote which website is the best on HelioHost. If you have a website that you would like to enter, then please submit your entry by clicking here. But what if you haven't quite finished yours yet? Don't worry - entries close on the 30th April, so you have plenty of time to submit your website to your account. Please remember that all entries must be hosted on HelioHost (either Stevie or Johnny). The entry must follow the HelioHost Terms of Service. Voting will commence after entries close. As a reward for the winner of the competition, they will have their own HelioNet User Title of their choice. The default user title is based on your current rank, such as 'Rank I Member', and is displayed on every post the user makes. The winner can change their user title to whatever they please. The winner will also be awarded 500MB of additional disk space on their account. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I can't wait to see what websites are submitted! SUBMIT YOUR SITE NOW
  22. Well, people can use any domain they want to submit.
  23. Hi there! Since it appears all of you would really like another competition, the HelioHost website competition will be coming back very soon! Entries will probably be accepted starting from the 1st April, so we will be able to identify the 2012 Best Website of HelioHost! Hopefully we will get more entries this time; enjoy!
  24. Hmm... I can't seem to pick out any accounts which are causing major problems....
  25. @viclou - I'm not quite sure why your cPanel was showing unlimited disk space. Your account somehow seemed to have bypassed our package quota. I have amended your account and re-placed the 500MB limit.
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