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how to point freedns to heliohost


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I am trying to point a subdomain i got from freedns (example.uk.to) to my heliohost website (example.heliohost.org)

CNAME and NS records are disbaled so im left with A and AAAA records (and some others that i doubt are useful like MX and SPF)

Can anyone help with this issue?



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We don't support A records for any domain that's not your main domain, so you won't be able to use that here unless you make it your main domain (which will delete your heliohost.org subdomain). Please be advised that if you decide to make it your main domain, mail, cPanel's DNS functions, CloudFlare, and several other functions won't work properly without using our name servers. We also won't provide any form of support for an account used in this manner since we cannot troubleshoot or make any guarantees as to what will and will not work


Last time I heard, those domains supported custom DNS servers though. Usually you won't create NS records, but rather find an option buried somewhere else that's labeled "Custom DNS Server", or "Use my own name server" or similar.

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You may try the following:


1. At the freedns.afraid.org set the example.uk.to as NS type subdomain pointing to the address ns1.heliohost.org.

Wait some time for propagation.


2. At the HelioHost cPanel try to add example.uk.to as a parked domain (parked, if you wish to point it to the same files you already have accessible through example.heliohost.org).

As wolstech wrote, HelioHost will accept as the addon or parked domain only such domains, that are pointing to the HelioHost nameservers. I'm not sure if it will accept domain with only one NS record pointed to the ns1.heliohost.org  (you can not add more on freedns.afraid.org).


If HelioHost cPanel will accept it, note the inconvenience, that practically only ns1 will be used for your domain (that's the way it is with freedns.afraid.org).

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