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Found 20 results

  1. Do you have any idea of how long it's going to take to re-establish Ricky server?
  2. What does this error mean? I've tried to acess my website https://englishup.heliohost.org several times and all it provides is this error:
  3. Good night, i'm a question: Is Johnny Server down? I'm not login to the server in the 7-7:30 PM (Bogotá time), this login shows a 500 error. (Attached image) Thank you.
  4. @wolstech and @krydos Tommy server is down from a quite long time. Is something bad happened to the server???
  5. Hi team, Java Tomcat application seems not working at the moment in my domain. My user is shuffly, my domain is shuffly-backend.heliohost.org. I tried to deploy again my servlet, but the deploy is still in "pending" status and seems to do not change from it. Can you please help on that? Thanks for the support. Best regards
  6. I have one main domain name - a***.*** - and one addon domain name - m***.*** (please don't post publicly my domain names). In the main domain name root folder, I use .php file to redirect to the main directory of my website by using: header("Location: https://a***.***/folder-name/index.php"); The problem is, that when I visit my main domain name(a***.***), I'm getting first the 521 error message and only then the redirection. I'm seeing the 521 error message in browser's history window, with the logged title of the page: a***.*** | 521: Web server is down and then on a new logged line, my https://a***.***/folder-name/index.php file, with the normal title. Can't figure out what may cause this to happen. UPDATE: Apparently Cloudflare uses 521 error, but yet not sure why is this triggered
  7. Hi, why Tommy is often offline? Thanks
  8. Do you know when Johnny will be back on-line? I just want to get some data from my database and do a backup. Thanks!
  9. hello i have a problem. i installed wordpress on my site but i very see the "database problem" massage. please help my database is many times down. (my cpanel username is: "ali110") thank you very much.
  10. Looks like access to cPanel's on Stevie has been hindered for the time being, just wanted to make sure the Admins are notified of the problem!
  11. All Johnny servers say that they are not licensed once you login! AN ADMIN PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!! ~Thanks
  12. my site is down http://www.downforev....heliohost.org/ please help me
  13. Hey! So i've had my website running for couple months now, but 2 days ago it went down. First it said my account is queued, but now it won't even load to that page. I have no PHP in my site, not even a single script, only HTML and CSS. Everyone is telling me it's down. E: the site is http://tbf.heliohost.org Thanks, Ermu.
  14. I've been seeing some data, after the server to slow down, looked in cpanel, and monitor and noticed that the RAM and swap are overloaded. Note: According to the site have 8gb of ram Note2: 80% Used :0! Note3: Swap is 95% Note4: Server load is usually red image (cant upload) Does it reset solves? or clean memory? help steve! tnks now: Server Load 9.81 (4 cpus) Memory Used 90.0 % Swap Used 95 %
  15. Hello there. For some unexplained reason, the server (Johnny) is not reachable for periods of 1 to 5 mins. This occurs quite frequently, like every 5 to 20 mins. Sometimes I can work for an hour without interruption. Why is that? Can this issue be resolved? I am in Australia. Server: Johhny URL: freegrace.heliohost.org User: jschudel Thank you
  16. So my site seems to have gone down in the last hour, and I can't figure out why... cpanel says I'm only using like 64 KB of disk space, and all i really have up is a site template. cpanel username - ivanpaor domain name = ivanparraorlandoni.com server = stevie Any help would be much appreciated. *****ISSUE RESOLVED, PLEASE TAKE DOWN******
  17. Can Anyone Tell Me Why Stevie Spends All This Time Down? It is so frequent, what is the point of a website? Does anyone know why stevie is down for over a day each week or so? This board is going insane. Why all the Ajax? Totally mad!!
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