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  1. Your account got suspended for high load. I've unsuspended it for now. Remember that these are shared hosting servers so bear in mind that if you continue to cause high load on our servers, it'll be suspended again.
  2. Well it was free for us, cPanel non-profit licenses are issued at a one time activation fee of $30 and then it remains free upto the term cPanel grants the use of the license. Moreover, you can have upto three non-profit licenses per organization, and for us those three covered the licensing of Johnny, Ricky and Tommy. Cody runs cPanel DNS-only, which is free. You can read more about the non-profit licenses here - https://input.cpanel.net/s3/non-profit . I wonder what cPanel is up to.
  3. We have told you multiple times on Discord that you are currently underage to be using our service and hence your account has been suspended. As per COPPA law, you aren't supposed to be using these services under the age of 13. HelioHost (Helio Networks) being a registered non-profit organization, has to abide by this law. Hence, we cannot unsuspend your account. Please do not try to create other accounts as the system will automatically identify and suspend such accounts. Note for other Admins and Mods: Please do not unsuspend his account.
  4. Your account has been archived due to inactivity. Escalating to our root admin...
  5. Your account has been suspended because our system detected that you are having multiple accounts. It turns out you've 8 different accounts, rakinar1, rakinar2, ... rakinar8 As per our ToS you are supposed to have only one single account. Which one would you like to keep?
  6. Give Xolentum a try, we're currently on PoW and no plans of switching in the recent future. @Krydos .. Lol
  7. In case you aren't aware, Loki is now PoS (previously they were a PoW-PoS hybrid) so no longer mineable.
  8. Yeah it is possible .. use this script http://heliohost.org/home/support/scripts/domain
  9. You need not. As soon as Krydos is done setting up your VPS, you'll receive an email with the credentials for your root account.
  10. The account "tuandemo" has been unsuspended and the other two, viz, "tuanproz" and "tuanvip" remain suspended.
  11. Escalating your request to our root admins...
  12. Every add-on domain, after addition to cPanel requires an Apache restart to start working. On all of the HelioHost servers Apache automatically restarts once every 2 hours. Hence, it's possible that Apache is about to restart after you add your domain, so it starts working immediately. However, there's an equal chance that Apache has restarted just sometime before you added your domain, so you've to wait another 2 hours before your domain starts working. Simply, speaking you need to wait upto two hours for your domain to start working. Do remember that you've to clear your cache at regular intervals, cuz the domain queued page gets cached into your browser and may show up even after the domain has started to work. Hope that helps.
  13. That is due to an issue with permissions. Make sure that the files have permissions set to 644 and directories 755.
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