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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. My account was suspended again. https://prnt.sc/10lddg4
  2. Username : sena21 Server : ricky Main Domain : http://smart-egg-inc.heliohost.org Hi, i am Sena. I am a student. I want to submit an error that occurred on my account. when I access my primary domain, it is said that my account is suspended because I did not login to the control panel for 1 month. the fact that I always log in every day, because I do my school work there. as a proof I attach a screenshot photo I got today. please help me!!!! Previously I want to say thank you for the free hosting service that you provide, it really helps me in completing my task.Thank you, Sena
  3. Hi, I believe my account was incorrectly suspended. I usually received an e-mail notice when I had failed to login after 30 days; recently I tried to login at a time when I was certain that I was well within this 30 day limit, but I received a login error. This was true for both my HelioHost username and the username I had created for my domain. I noticed that the johnny server was down at around the same time so I waited in case there was a problem with this. Also I thought that after the 30 days had passed since my last login I would receive an e-mail and then I would be able to reset any settings if necessary. Unfortunately, since then my 30 days had definitely passed and I had not received an e-mail notifying me that I hadn't logged in. My HelioHost username is jhorv on the johnny server with a domain regisetred as horvath.heliohost.org. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. Respectfully yours, John
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