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HelioHost Server Monitor (created by Piotr GRD)

Piotr GRD

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After seeing "Site Uptime" topic in this section of the forum I am posting this topic in the same place.




Hello everyone


I would like to announce to all of you the new service that I've recently created:


HelioHost Server Monitor - http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/

Bookmark or add to favourites to not forget.


On this page you can check the availability of HelioHost.org servers (currently the only one server) and the time of responce just now, during last 24 hours (on main page) and through all the days when monitoring was running (by navigating in archives menu).


The server is monitored every 2 minutes and almost 24/7. Monitored is access to the server through HTTP on port 80, through FTP on port 21 and access to the cPanel login page on port 2082. Additionally also availability of the HelioHost.org main page, HelioNet.org support forum and HelioHost nameservers. Apart of checking if the server is online/offline, counted is also time from the start of request to the end of receiving the valid answer from the server. Results of the monitoring are also updated every 2 minutes and displayed in human friendly graphic form, quite easily understandable (I hope).


At the moment of this post HelioHost main page and support forum and nameservers are hosted on the same physical server with users accounts, so if you'll see that these pages are slow, inaccessible or return invalid responce (ie. error 500), then your own websites/scripts hosted here may (or may not) behave in the same way at the same time.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding my server monitor - you can feel free to post in this topic or through email that is available in the footer of my page with monitoring results.


I hope that the service will be useful for everyone.



Piotr GRD




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At 27th June 2011, Monday, the URL of the service has been change:

http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/ => http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/

Update your links and bookmarks, please. Thank you.



Since 2nd July 2011, Saturday, new functionality has been implemented. The graphs display now average server load for Stevie and Johnny servers. The look of it may change a little bit to improve readability if will be necessary.

Thank you to the person that gave me an idea for this implementation (quite long time ago) and the second one that unintentionally hastened me little bit to finally do this. : )



Since 3rd July 2011, Sunday, I have added the second time line in different time zone. Apart of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) the time is displayed now in EST in Winter and in EDT in Summer, which reflects to the time used in example in New York. I am, personally, in Europe, so it's not for me, but for convenience of users in America. If you think that for majority of users different time zone will be more useful and/or more convenient - please, suggest one.



HelioHost Server Monitor


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If you think that for majority of users different time zone will be more useful and/or more convenient - please, suggest one.


HelioHost Server Monitor

Great service, by the way, thanks for keeping it going.


I think if you're going to do a time other than GMT it would make the most sense to do PST since that is the time that Heliohost servers run on basically. The signups reset at midnight PST etc, and the servers are physically located in PST timezone too.

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@ Krydos

I think that you mean: PST in Winter and PDT in Summer (and not PST all the time) - and this is what I have set in a day after your post.



@ Tjoene

I don't really want to play with this. Currently 1px wide on the graph is one test done every 2 minutes, 720px represents 720 tests done within 24 hours. It looks good in 1024px resolution, but I am aware that it's little bit to small for bigger screen resolutions. However I don't really want to play with this.


But you may try to use your browser in-build functionality. I'm not sure the other browsers, but modern versions of Firefox (3.0 and above) handle quite well the scaling of the websites content, so you can click CTRL + +(plus) on your keyboard to enlarge the content and CTRL + -(minus) to reduce the size, CTRL + 0(zero) to reset to default size.

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It should work OK. I do monitor accessibility of the server with my pages, too, and I see no problems with it. I'm aware of the very short (1-2 seconds) temporary issues, though, that could happend from time to time, but it's rare. However if for someone, anyone, there will be some longer problems with accessibility to my pages - send me an email or a private message about it.



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Is it possible to add POP/SMTP monitoring as well? When I use my port scanner, it says these ports are up but Roundcube says that it can't connect to SMTP server. It would be nice to know the true status of the services and I'm sure it would help the admins in diagnosing such issues. This is only a suggestion, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. Nice service, by the way! I use it all the time, it is extremely useful. Thank you so much!

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I am not much familiar with these protocols (POP3, IMAP, SMTP), unfortunatelly, I've never put much attention to mail services on any webhost. So is this possible for me to add such monitoring?... In the future - maybe. In the near future - rather not, sorry.


Thank you for good words about the service. I'm glad it's useful. : )



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After reading repeated from time to time questions about when the registrations are open I decided to start to monitor if the registrations are open or closed.


Data are collected since 2011-10-21, Monday, and by browsing archive results for several days back one can see when is his/her best chance to register new account (not necessarily just after midnight).






It starts to be a little mess... at least for my own eyes.

I have to sort the graphs in little different way to make it better for readability... : )



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