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  1. "your own domain"... and "through cloudflare"... which means?
  2. ok, but what could still be causing all of the load, even when the maintenance mode is on? it has probably used like 25% of the limit already, but i only have the admin panel opened... and could this thing help to fix some wp load issues? https://wordpress.org/documentation/article/optimization/#persistent-object-cache
  3. ok, maybe just never mind that... because it only still shows the original page in Firefox, but not in another browser that previously has not seen the original site yet.. so it shows the correct maintenance page in there...
  4. ok thanks. i tried to install 2 different maintenance mode plugins now, but the only thing that i can get working on them is the preview page, so is there somekind of server cache somewhere that still shows the original page to visitors or the plugins just are not working properly for some reason?
  5. ok thanks, the backup is running now, but does it have the access file edited again now, and i can later try to use the correct file for a second to try and put the site in maintenance mode? then i could probably do more backups and conversions more easily etc.. or the admin panel would load it up too much too?
  6. ok i noticed that i cant log in again, but why did it go down when there was no access to it? (i even saw some 403 error for the wp site, but main html page showed some Apache homepage) i can do backup today, but probably need the unsuspension for that (for the database backup, or ftp too?)
  7. ok, can you edit the htaccess file from your side then? i can later probably replace the index file with a temporary page then and then put the correct access file back?
  8. well, it probably happened again just couple of days later, so there probably isn't any point to unsuspend it again until the Wp issue is fixed, but does the monthly login still apply the same way as it did before and it wont get deleted or smth? i could then keep logging in every 1 month until i get some time to start fixing it etc... but is the cache plugin like another addon thing that manages all other plugins somehow or do i need to find a specific 'cache alternative' for every plugin that i want to replace? and if its just 1 cache addon, then which one could be the best to use/try?
  9. is it possible to check why my account was suspended? i just tried to log in for a bit and got the suspended message, but probably did not even receive any email about it... so i dont even know when did it happen. i do have a wordpress site, but have already been trying to convert it to something else, but always something else comes up, so i haven't managed to do it yet... usually i even check if there has been any big load on it or not, but now i'm not even sure if it even showed the actual load somewhere or was that some upcoming feature etc... i probably have a different email here in the forums, but the account should be on the tommy server and domain is "xn--plised-pxa.ee" thank you
  10. ok, but wonder why didnt it accept the password then? some appps dont like special characters maybe? (i even tried 2 different ones lol) edit* now i noticed that Ftp password actually has to be changed from somewhere else, but it only shows the file browser on the plesk dashboard for Ftp?
  11. i mean the whole johnny server and plesk is down + all websites on it?
  12. why are the lines so small and is the whole system down at the moment?
  13. 1. i probably had to install somekind of ftp phpmyadmin before the plesk transfer, so can i just uninstall it by deleting the folder via ftp? (and was there some configuration file also that i should check before deletion? aka - where was even the installation tutorial for it...) 2. do i have to log in during 30 days again to keep the account or is it automatic renewal with the new plesk then?
  14. ok thanks, but now it gave an errror for the webmail part, but everything else probably worked, so i guess i dont have webmail and cant select that option then... and it actually marks an automatic greyed-out tick for the main "secure domain" option too after i tick the webmail option, so i probably just dont have to tick the webmail part then...
  15. ok, but maybe the issue appeared on the 16th of feb then when the server was shut down and everyone else might have the same issue?
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