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This thread is so dead but I'm still gonna post link to my website here 


My website is: https://dimini.tk


The most correct description for my site type is "personal website", however it tries to mimic a corporate website.




Some statistics of this thread:

From 84 links to websites in this topic:

  • 30% of links are to HelioHost
  • 19% are different second-level domains
  • 17% are .com domains
  • 13% are .co.cc domains
  • 11% are .tk and another free top-level domains
  • 10% are different paid domains


From 84 links to websites in this topic:

  • 9% are working
    • 6% are alive
    • 2% are dead
    • 1% has no content
  • 2% are redirecting to other websites
  • 89% are not working
    • 57% are unreachable
    • 30% no longer exist, can not be found
    • 2% have some errors
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Guest pooks

My website (I am a VPS user!): https://jenovaonline.ga


I used Mobirise (give suggestions for a different web builder if you have one!) to create my website.


I am currently working on a very badly made RPG Maker MV game. My end goal is to have it be a MMORPG, but right now its proof of concept (mainly to myself). The most recent update can be found here.

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Music creators http://musiccreators.heliohost.org/index.php


This is a forum for music creators to post music you have created everyone is welcome to join


Run a few other sites that are not hosted here


Phat Beats Radio internet radio station playing Rap RnB Soul Funk Reggae Acid Jazz Chillhop Blues from the 1970s to early 2000s


Adult forum


Small file host for the adult forum

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thanks for sharing tutorials.  I want to create new website too. I want to buy trustful ssl cert and domain. A lock or green line means that the site has an SSL certificate installed and all information is transmitted over a secure Protocol. A Protocol is a set of rules that the browser and server use to exchange information. I will buy that cert on www.ssls.com

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I dont think there is a problem for you, for puttig your website URL; with a clickable link.

This as long as it respect the Helionet regulations.




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