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um...i have a proxy hosted here... you can buy the password in the IBStore.


No more firewalls, you can bypass them now!


Note: Although the Item says that the password will change every month, IT WILL NOT!!! I WILL INSURE IT WILL NOT!!!


If it does, then i will be mad at DJBOB.


A riddle for a free password:

[djbob deleted this] NO FREE PWS TO TEH PROXY ON HN FORUMS!!

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Alright Lappy, lets get this straight. Since im hosting the site FREE OF HELION CHARGE, your gonna follow my rules. the HN PW changes monthly. no giving PWs away. dont tell that what you're trying to tell them with teh riddle. i will delete that now. HN members need the HN pw, unless they find the other one on their own. if you want to get a hosting package instead, than you dont have to follow my rules.

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i can derank without a vote!! ugh. lets compare this to the american system of democracy....


i am teh president

lappy is some cabinet member.


i can remove lappy without having to have a nationwide vote.

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