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  1. Sorry, djbob, but I'm taking up lappy's offer. For some reason, I've been having problems lately with disappearing files, and my site being offline, where all the others are up. That, and lappy's giving me a bit better on the stat end. Helionet has been one of the most reliable hosts I've had, though... I haven't had the best host record. Of course, I can still stay around HN. And, on the bright side, that's more space for another new member
  2. for some reason, my site seems to have disappeared...
  3. Since I haven't actually posted my computer's stats yet: AMD Athlon 3200+(OCed to 2.4 ghz, making it the equivelent of a 3.8ghz P4 or Intel EE) 1024MB of Patriot Signature® DDR400 Ram 250GB SATA HD(and 2 low-info IDE HD's, but those are neglitiable) nVidia GeForce 7800GT powered eVGA GPU in PCIe x16 I put this baby together piece by piece. Saved myself about $1100. Although I do wish I could add another gig of ram... I guess that's the probelm with budgets... Also, in comparing my Processor to ^'s processor, they have the same power due to higher efficientcy in AMD processors, but his takes up alot more energy, generates more heat, and costs about $900 more. Although it would help in comparisons if you guys would post your GFX setups too...
  4. You can get a Celeron D 2.2ghz with that(better) from Dell and a Monitor for $300 USD. Not sure what currency you're using though... Might I also add that there is no point in getting a Xeon Processor unless you're building a server or workstation PC. It's not that great for games. You'd want a AMD Athlon or Intel P4 for that. And you can compare them by the number after the AMD processor shows the Clock rate(in megahertz) of the equivelent Intel. AMD Athlons tend to run cooler, use less power, and are alot cheaper. And, the Athlon FX series is the best you can get for gaming, even better than the Intel Extreme Edition. @kikass - I've never seen a 3 Gigahats processor. So, it runs on 3 billion hats? Joking aside, looks like a nice rig. Any chance you can get the GPU model?
  5. Heh, sorry for being gone for so long... just been doing alot of stuff. I can't seem to get the store stuff to work to view/add to my hosting, so djbob please just add to it til I can get it to work. I dont' have anything else to do with my Helions anyway.
  6. Yep... one hobby down the drain I guess that means I can work on my games more though...
  7. Although I think there's already 5 million topics on this, what the hey. And if you want to see a real console "war," go to http://www.krazyletter.com and view the tattered remains of the once proud video game forum, destroyed by the one who goes by the screen name of "myscrnnm." An evil force, bannedished from this land long ago(by me, nontheless), however, his ghost still haunts the KL forums... BEWARE!
  8. I used to be able to hang with you, and I still beat you about 70% of the time in stamina(as Marth only). /\/\/\/ has a reputation in that game to recover from the impossible, and he almost never looses. In fact, one time he almost did as the Ice Climbers, but the Pink one was still alive and killed the other guy(a friend of ours) first. I wasn't there, but every time either of them talk about SSBM, they talk about that. I'm only good with a few of the characters, /\/\/\/ is kick-arse with them all. Especially Mewtwo. My best characters include Marth, Link, Bowser, and DK. I guess there are a few others, but those are the main ones. I remember back in my Prime of that game I never lost a single stamina match. This was always my strong point. And even though I do win at stamina alot, /\/\/\/ is light-years ahead of me in regular kills. He knows over a million ways to kill you with the Gamecube controller. I know two: Luck and the C-Stick And, after a 2-year abscence from playing that game constantly, I'm not as good as I used to be. Since the end of my "Prime" I have only ever beat /\/\/\/ mano e mano in stamina, where when I got out of that I had verly low amount of health, and if there was another person playing, this was their que to stop hiding and come out and kill me, but only after I take out half their health. I guess once a good smasher, always a decent smasher, but I'm far from my old levels. I have so many things to say about this incredible game... but I wont waste your time and bore you.
  9. Nintendo always sells their console for a profit, so if they do sell it for $100, it will cost them about $85-$90 Per Revolution Made(Estimate). This can be done because they aren't including HD output, and they aren't going for a superconsole. Microsoft looses alot of money per unit sold.
  10. I'm not gonna need to be a client anymore, I got/figured out Fireworks, and most of the Gradients in there are far more than I even need. However, I will say you do some great pictures, when you have enough a description
  11. I don't see how that's the gate to hell. Besides, it's obviously in my schools Band Room, not in the Desert
  12. Extra buttons, while more complicated, can actually improve the control sceme. I mean, what would you rather do? Press 'A' and 'B' simultaniously 3 times with perfect timing while doing the Macarina? Or just pressing 'X'?
  13. Whether or not you believe it, Pokemon is still one of the most sucessful franchises in the world. Personally, I don't like anything past the GameBoy games, but alot of people do. And Final fantasy pretty much defines "Turn Based RPG." Just cause you don't like them personally doesn't mean they aren't any good. Especially when the majority of people do like them. In the same way, if you're in a minority of people who like something, that doesn't mean it's bad. Saying something would be better without it's best selling franchises is kinda stupid. It's like saying "The Xbox would be better without Halo," which we know isn't true, because without Halo, the Xbox would have had some trouble taking off, would attract less 3rd parties, etc. and be overall bad for the entire console market. It's okay not to like them, but to say everyone else must conform with your beliefs is just, well, stupid. Like, myscnnm stupid.
  14. 1425 edit- we're off, should be 1427
  15. Thats mean... use a squirt bottle. You don't actually hurt the cat, but you annoy it enough to leave you alone. It works for training them, too
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