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  1. belive me its an addicting game, ive spent quite a lot on the final fantasy seriies but its definetly worth it
  2. its already out, and its not bad, but i expected better
  3. not all there songs are hits, but some of there songs are quite good
  4. linux on ps3?, it was confusing putting it on my p.c:|
  5. its all a rip of there just trying to make money, there was a site similar getgiftsforfree.com and it makes you buy something to get the prize and they never send it, its all a scam
  6. nude patch? come on man grow up its a game with imaginary charachters
  7. whos played gta? hahaha who hasnt played gta the most fun violence filled game:)
  8. i would prefer 1.6, and i play it on lan, its more fun and faster
  9. at first its interesting, then you play for time pass then it gets boring, i quit
  10. it looks alright but i wont be bothered already have enough games to play on the computer
  11. my first game was tetris, ahh the good times
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