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  1. I need someone who is knowledgeable in flash to create a swf file for an entry page for my website. Compensation can be discussed. Please email me at president@quantummediallc.com or leave me a pm
  2. username quantum url quantummedia.heliohost.org
  3. was it just me, or did i see someone/post in here about getting dedicated ip's thru heliohost? if so, how do i go about requesting one?
  4. sorry buddy, i went to heliohost.org signed up there it tooke me to some page in the forum and the link took me to some form.
  5. I am confused lol... i signed up for the account and go the email. Is there something else that i should be doing... so many changes!
  6. My website is not coming up the URL is http://bigphoto.heliohost.org I wasnt sure if it still needed to be activated or not, but i assume i would still have gotten the default page for validation.
  7. First off, your domain "square.com" is not pointed to heliohost's servers. in order to access your cpanel, they must point to heliohosts servers. Thats your main problem I think. Try going to your domain registrars site, and point your domains nameservers to ns3.heliohost.org and ns4.heliohost.org (those were the last ones that i know of unless DJBOB has changed them)
  8. Have you found anyone to design this site for you yet? if not, go to my site www.rkwebdesignandrepair.com and click on contact us and send me your info so i can contact you.... also, take a look at a clients site that i made, i think its what your aiming towards as far as showing off your work... www.strotherphotography.tk of course, i can design any site you want, it just depends on you communicating what you want. Thanks!
  9. I havn't been on here in a while, sorry about that guys and girls. I have been stationed in Iraq and just got back. It seems like DJBOB has made quite a few changes for the good! DJBOB, I noticed in this thread that you were looking to aquire Mods for the forum, and that you were going to put up some type of application...errr application lol. Have you done that yet and if so, what is the link for that. I just wanted to say how lucky we are for DJBOB and his generosity (spelling?) and that we should not take his services for granted. I would like to suggest, if i am not out of line here, to click on the banner ads once in a while on the forum. I think that is generating some type of restitution or income for him. If not, I am sure he will let us all know. Anyways, KUDOS to DJBOB. Thanks Buddy!
  10. When I first joined, posting standard was on there, you just couldnt use it until you had met the membership requirements. The last I saw, it was still there.
  11. I recently obtained the MotoQ 9C and was wondering if anyone else out there had one too! Any tricks, Tips, Hacks, Programs Etc.? Also, Post any issues you have been having with this cell phone and the service provider you have for it.
  12. I came across this cell phone service called "Helio" Their website is here http://www.helio.com/#homepage I was just wondering if anyone in here has heard of the service, if you have the service, and if so, what do you think about it and which phone do you have. I was thinking about getting the ocean, but a Flat Rate cell company called Revol.us is comming out with an OKI phone that almost tops the ocean. Any ideas and expressions on Helio is greatly welcomed. Thank You!
  13. I actually interviewed a kid to work for me, and on his online application, where is said [bleeped!] and you type male or female, he said many times and always.
  14. hi, i have forgotten my password for rkwebdesigns.net aka thewrestlingportal.heliohost.org username should be rkuehne could you please pm me the password. Thank You
  15. Yes, thats fine and dandy, but you also have to look into the future. The rate at which technology is progressing, we are not going to have to have a need for unix/linux, therefore putting your job out of business. Just remember, you need to pick something that is going to be needed in the next 30 years or more. There will always be crime, therefore, you will always need law enforcement officers, and people are always going to get sick, so there will always be a need for doctors and nurses.
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