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  1. Hmmm, hadn't thought of it like that. And I was still planning on browsing the forums, it's just that sometimes I don't get around to it. I've sent a message to djbob asking if he would like me to remove it and not use it. [EDIT] Do our posts need approval to get helions? Because I'm not getting any.
  2. I figured out how to automatically collect my Helion interest, so I thought I'd share. (It may not be possible to do it this way on XP since it uses Vista's Task Scheduler, but I forget if you can schedule tasks on XP) Step1: Create a html file that automatically collects interest when opened Create an html file containing the following code, and save it somewhere on your computer. This file should automatically collect your interest when launched. <html> <head> <script language="JavaScript"> function submitForm(){ document.form.submit();} </script> </head> <body onload="submitForm()"> <form name="form" action="http://www.helionet.org/index/index.php?act=store&CODE=dobank&type=collect" name='bank' method='post'> <input type='submit' name='collect' value="Collect Interest" accesskey='i' class='forminput' /> </form> </body> </html> Step2: Create a task to launch the html file every day Open "Computer Management". The fastest way is to type "Computer Management" into the Start menu search box. On the left side panel, navigate to System Tools -> Task Scheduler. On the right side panel, click "Create Basic Task". Type whatever you want for Name and Description. Click Next. Ensure "Daily" is selected for how often you want to start it. Click Next. Adjust the time to whenever you want to collect your interest. Ensure it is set to recur every 1 day. Click Next. Ensure "Start a program" is selected. Click Next. Click Browse and select the HTML file you created in step 1. Click Next. Now you have created the task. Feel free to go into properties, and change settings to allow it to do things such as run even if you are not logged on, wake the computer from sleep to execute the task, etc. Finished: So that's it. Everyday, your computer should, at the specified time, open the html file you created. That file then collects interest and, as a result, opens your HelioNet Bank page. (So you'll have to close the windows that it opens) Hope it is useful. Please post any thoughts/suggestions here.
  3. I came across the Vista one shortly after my previous post. Here it is if anyone wants it: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enh...ows-Vista.shtml Thanks for the help [EDIT] Whoops, accidently replaced the dlls with the 32 bit ones when I'm on a 64 bit OS. Good thing I had XP.
  4. Ok, thanks. I have XP on my computer too (not used as much though), so I could use it for that... I'll take a look at xoblite, but what are you actually using? You said "straight xp" in your first post, but searching that on google doesn't turn up much, so are you just saying that you aren't using a themeing program such as those that you mentioned above? Thanks. [EDIT] Now I get it, I think. You make a change to some dll and then you can use any theme you want. What theme are you using? I can probably find out how to "fix" the dll.
  5. Jeffrey


    What about games such as the letter changing ones and the counting one? Should we avoid posting in those? Or is it okay as long as we don't double-post? [EDIT]I didn't realize how old this thread was...sorry. This forum definitely isn't very active.
  6. Mine is the boring standard Vista one, with a large mess of icons What are you using for your theme Sungazer? Is it possible to get for free, and does it work on Vista to you knowledge (if that isn't Vista)
  7. I missed the "very important edit" My bad. FLAKE
  8. 1248 every digit is a power of 2 2^0 = 1 2^1 = 2 2^2 = 4 2^3 = 8
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