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  1. AverageJoe

    I'm back

    Well you could set up one page spammed with ads and everyone go there a bunch Same here. Except it's going to be even worse when beach season comes around. I think you should cut all the unneeded accounts, put back in the three-month policy, and put ads in cpanel + forums. Maybe get a plugin where they go in-between the posts as well.
  2. A scientist does not take evolution as fact. In fact we are 99% sure that the theory is wrong. However, in general, we are making an educated guess that the theory is correct. We are 99% sure that the general idea of the theory of evolution is correct. There is copious amounts of evidence (including fossils) that support the theory of evolution. Yep I did not state Newtonian gravity if I recall correctly. However this just further proves my point. We know that on Earth has a gravitational pull. In general the Newtons theory of gravity worked. Then when it failed we altered it. The theory of Evolution will fail. When it does it will be a great day in science because we will learn from it and generate a new theory (which will probably have the same general basis as evolution) which explains how organisms evolve. They evolve into less complex atoms because this allows them to be more stable state. You consider selective breeding "artificial"? I don't know about you but I, as well as most other humans and species (hopefully) don't mate with any person of the corner. In other words, we "select" who we mate with. I'm guessing you don't have a major of any kind in the subject. I loved going through the creationist museum. It was almost as interesting as visiting the Flat Earth Society's website. I loved how they had the saddle on one of the dinosaurs (insinuating we rode the like horses). My favorite thing was their explanation for why we don't find any human fossils from the same time period as dinosaurs (more than just a few days apart). Their explanation? The dinosaurs ate all of the fossils. You would fit in great at the Flat Earth Society. All you have to do is come up with BS answers and blame everything else on the other persons idiocy or call it a conspiracy. Looks like you've been training. Except for this one your answer was just "no." "Isn't solar panels, looking at the sun, and scientific evidence enough to prove that the sun emits light?" "no, no, and no" < ----- this is equivalent to your response.
  3. I created a new email address, support@hrcomputer-repair.com. However, when I try and test it out by sending an email from another account, it doesn't receive the email. What steps could I take to try and fix this problem? Joe
  4. Did you create your own forum software or are you using a pre-existing open source alternative such as phpBB or smf? Please include some more details. Also another tip, allow people to be able to see the forum without having to register. It will draw more people and help with search indexes. Joe
  5. I've been trying to get a domain name from djbob. I have asked him to confirm when he would order it but he still hasn't. I think he forgot about it. I tried using a the message system, but I don't think it worked. Joe
  6. If your on this forum then you probably know how easy it is to make your own website. In that case anyone could make a website with what the call factual information. I could make a site that says JFK was an alien and that he killed Hitler. Unlike wikipedia, however, people could not correct the misleading information on my site. Truthfully any source you get could be false and they can only be verified by getting multiple sources with reliable and similar information.
  7. Well I only had my dad's camry for a while (It's not all that great). I have been saving for a car since I was young so I was able to buy my own. I got a 1999 eclipse spyder 2.4L I don't have any pictures of my car, but it is essentially the same as the pics below except it's white and has a black interior and soft top. I'm getting a new sound system in it (just saved up for it), I'm going to lower it (next) then repaint it(last).
  8. AverageJoe

    Server Downed

    I'm glad to see heliohost back up! Maybe all the spammers will think helionet is down and not come back
  9. I used to use real alternative (an open source alternative to real player). I've used VLC for a while now, however. Linus Torvalds is God .... duh.
  10. That is a good question since I'm planning on getting one in the near future. As for the whole helions for bragging rights.... Forgive me for saying this, but your life must be pretty pathetic to need a fake IPB currency for bragging rights.
  11. AverageJoe

    Changes Coming

    So when are we going to update http://www.free-webhosts.com and start flowing with new people?
  12. I think we shouldn't consider an IRC chatroom until we are sure we could have at least 2 moderators idle on it at any 24-7. Even then it's far fetched. Or we could make a FAQ
  13. Well if we we're to do a chatroom it would probably be an IRC channel in which members could join and get support. I really don't think that it would be too popular, however. We would also have to keep 24 hour moderation of the chatroom. It's just not feasible. As for the shoutbox, I think it's just a plain bad idea. It's only going to be used to spam on useless and non-intelligent topics. Joe
  14. When I saw it, it started around 10:15 and we didn't get out until a little after 1:00. It was long. Anyways, I think that the joker was the only good character in the movie (in terms of entertaining). The Batman sounded like he was 70 and the other people were just well ... not exciting. To me it wasn't worth the $9.50 per ticket I had to spend to see it. Anyways, I think we should hold the rest of the movie reviews/conversations in the "Other" forum because the posts really don't deserve getting helions or post counts. Joe
  15. If you make friends by playing games on forums you must be loon
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