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  1. when you guys say religion do you mean islam or christianity or which religions. cause there is scientific proof in the Quran about this. Check out the verse:"The whole world is but a point and we are the one that keep expanding it."
  2. Djbob, I frequently tried to use the item of posting plus hosting but errors came continuously. I have bought that once again but please can you fix that and inform me as soon as possible so that I can successfully sign up. Thank you
  3. I clicked on My Controls on the top but I couldnt find either addon or parked domains. Can you please help me out here?
  4. I have applied for domain registration but I have no idea what to do next. I have been told that I should add the domain to my account in Helionet but I have no idea how to do that. Can anyone tell me the next step. What should I do? Will I get a pm or something telling me my domain has been registered? This post is meant for the Helionet Management.
  5. Is it possible to do that? I tried importing my swf file in flash and it didn't work, it only supports other extensions like fla etc and I would not keep the fla file on the server, ill only keep the swf file on it.
  6. I think designing in flash would not be such a problem, its quite easy to use once you're familiar with all its functions and actions.
  7. The best part I like in flash is that the source code of my website can not be viewed or copied so if I just put the url of my website on the flash movie then if another guy tries to import my flash movie into his website, it will still have my url on.
  8. Gmail and windows live mail are good for me. I keep gmail for all the important emails for example emails from webhost providers etc etc and I use windows live mail for receiving and sending family mails.
  9. I just checked out one of orkut many features called add-to-crush list. What it does is that if you added some person to the crush list and if he did the same then both of you would get a message that so and so person has added you to his crush list but if you add some person and he does not add you then no one except you will no about your crushes.
  10. Adobe only adds a few new features but useful ones so if you learnt the older versions theres not really a problem when using the new versions of them.
  11. I know that. What I meant was that they would upgrade the xbox 360s standard dvd-drive to a blu-ray disc reader as blu-ray discs can store much more.
  12. Then I think you should try google accelerator and if that doesn't help then you should download cyberhispeed accelerator. Heres the link for it : http://www.cyber.net.pk/cyberhispeed/downl....
  13. Although the iphone is good , spending $600 on it is not worth at all. All of apple's products are quite expensive like the macs, the iphone, ipods etc(nano isn't that expensive though). I rather get an xbox 360 and a cellphone for regular use than get this iphone unless apple upgrades it to something much better than it currently is.
  14. I think that the iphone will be quite good but expensive as well so I won't buy it now. Perhaps in a few months but only if the price drops to around $100 cheaper or more, which will probably happen.
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