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  1. When I try access the bank I get this error: All my Helions are in the bank so I can't access then
  2. Vista is fine for gaming as long as u have the correct drivers. Currently Nvida and ATI drivers are Beta. No it doesn't. I'm yet to find a bug in Vista.
  3. Kyougi do us all a favour and [bleeped!]
  4. Well technically the AMD's are being overclocked already seeing its the speed minus 1GHz. Overclocking further isn't wise.
  5. When people stop posting in a topic it means they aren't interested in it anymore. You posting in a topic that was made Feb 16 2005, so it's seen as spam.
  6. I think he means, stop posting in old, dead topics.
  7. Members = the people registered on this site. Moderators is an example of another group. The 2 blocks = you rank determined by your posts. You are a rank 2 member. Your goal should be to achieve 5 ranks.
  8. The domain names will only work with a HelioNet hosting package.
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