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  1. ok. You could let us know when you leave, you know????
  2. It's been a few days that he don't write here, nor in email or pms and doens't answer MSN... Did he went on vacations???
  3. Well... Isn't it a coincidence that the same name make the same post??? Anyway, since you used "2" that means that you are there...
  4. you should try Alias. From JJ Abrams too, really great spy show. Too bad got cancelled, but there's 5 seasons to download in the net
  5. strange... cuz not onlu the pics are the same, but also the name.... except that he uses djprashant... that't why I asked.
  6. Well, of course that Materazzi called his sister names, but is not a reason for what he did. Sure he's a great player, sure he shouldn't be remembered for what he did, but he did it. And it was WAY wrong. Kinda unforgivable... So...
  7. yeah... maybe... but still... "We're goint to buy wii" can happen
  8. I love the movie. I'm a big fan of MI movies and even bigger of JJ Abrams. I mean, if you watch LOST you'll be at home...
  9. awwwwwwwww... those photos are soooo cuteeee!!!!
  10. ohhhh... now i got it... localities that i don't unerstand.... now it makes sense... Funny!!!!
  11. didn't got the ending... :S
  12. true. But be overviolents isn't good also
  13. Yeah... I'm embarassed by them. It's was a shamefull participation. The players were booed when they arived here. The whole country is a bit numb after the deafeat.
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