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[Solved] Reset my account and add a new domain


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To reset an account, we just delete it and reinvite you. Are you sure you want me to delete your account and send you an invite?

As for domains, they need to be added after the reset. Also, do you really need all 4 of these plus a main domain?

The number of domains configured on the server is the determining factor when it comes to the server's capacity these days. The servers have the CPU/RAM/Disk Space, the more domains we set up for people, the slower the server gets. Too many domains is actually the reason Tommy didn't fit everybody when we did the migrations and we had to put a bunch of people on Johnny.

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Thanks for replying.

Can you please delete my existing domains with all data and not my account.

Also add the following domains:

1. msbsurfi.me

2. cipher.tk

3. clik.tk

I'll keep the last 2 domains inactive. Occasionally I need to test php scripts or host a temporary website. So I am keeping them added.

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Escalating. I'd do this, but not sure what the easiest way is to reset an account without just outright deleting it (if there even is one)...we usually just delete it entirely and give you a link to sign up again.

I suppose I just could drop the databases and delete the contents of your home folder, but that's not really resetting the account as it won't change modified settings back or the like...

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