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[Answered] Please advise


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Hi @imfree,

I am terribly sorry, but I am not sure if I understood you.

Do you want to restore your backup, is that it?

If that is the case, you can do so by connecting to your account's SFTP/FTP/FTPS account and upload your files backup into the httpdocs or public_html directory or login to your account at https://heliohost.org/dashboard > Plesk panel > File Manager and then upload your backup files.

As for your databases (if you have any), you will need to recreate your database/username on MariaDB/PostgreSQL, connect into the newly created database and only them upload your database dump/backup.

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I have tried to upload my Tommy backup files (downloaded from cPanel to be uploaded to Plesk) on Ftp via "tommy.heliohost.org" + username and password, but whenever I do that it says "host not found / known". 

If I use your link at https://heliohost.org/dashboard , it again goes back to the Download Backup page and no Dashboard appears. What am I doing wrong? 

Secondly, what is the difference between SFTP and FTPS ? Because my FTP client has FTPS but not SFTP. 

Do I use FTP or FTPS or SFTP, or the website link ? Earlier, the weblink would work, but that was on cPanel. How does Plesk work ? Please let me know. 

For all of the above respective categories please send me the new Hostnames, Usernames, Ports and other codes required to upload my backups to Tommy, if they have changed. 

Please correct my errors and help me upload my files back on Tommy Plesk.  

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You have to sign up again first. We didn't automatically create a new account for you. Keep in mind that you will only be able to get an account on Johnny for the time since Tommy is full.

Do you want me to send you an invite for a Johnny account?

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No. Johnny is not as feature rich and stable as Tommy. This is what you had advised me when I was migrated from Stevie to Tommy and my space increased to 1gb. 

Again, I don't have the expertise to migrate my account every now and then. (One of the main reasons why I did not move from Tommy to Johnny, or to any other server offered by you, in the intervening period till date). Hence, please tell me how do I set up and restore my account on Tommy itself. 

I was under the impression, and would prefer,   that old users retain their old servers with minimal changes as required by the circumstances. (e.g., cPanel to Plesk). 

Hence, please advise as to how may I restore my account on Tommy itself. 

I have been patiently co operating with you when you were down. I trust you will appreciate and reciprocate accordingly with an open heart. 

In the past few years most of us in the world have undergone many hardships, trials and tribulations, and in such times we have to help one another to the best of our abilities and efforts. 

Come, let us take our small steps towards a peaceful universe. 

Your kind co operation in this regard will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi, @imfree,

On 4/16/2023 at 2:14 PM, imfree said:

Johnny is not as feature rich and stable as Tommy.

Though it was true when our servers were running cPanel, that is not true anymore. Johnny and Tommy currently have the same features on Plesk, and since Tommy is full, as wolstech already mentioned, Johnny has better uptime and less load than it (i.e., it is more stable than Tommy right now), and that is the reason why we are placing new accounts on Johnny, so they get a stabler service.

When all our servers are migrated to Plesk and everything gets sorted out, users who had originally a Tommy account but are currently placed on Johnny due to capacity limits will be able to move back if they so desire. Right now, it would not be feasible to do so because we would be worsening Tommy's uptime and load, making it worse for everyone, while having Johnny considerably "idle" (and thus more stable to receive new accounts).

If you still don't want to get a Johnny account for the time being, it is fine, but you will need to wait until Tommy is stable enough (considering its load and uptime) to receive new accounts, and there is no estimated time for that at the moment.

However, if you do not want to wait and is fine with having a Johnny account for now (remembering you will have the same features, so there is no loss on your end), let us know so we can send you an invite so you can sign up and create a new account.

Thank you for your understanding and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions, doubts, concerns or requests.

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Now that I have to re apply, a few questions still remain. 

1. Since I am an old user will you please send me a free Tommy invite (not Johnny) again so that I may restore my backups ? 

2. If not, then, after the new Donor Signup will I retain and get back my old user 1gb storage space, plus, an additional invite storage of, say 1 gb = total 2 gb ? Or will it be just the total storage of 1 gb only ? Please clarify. 

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Donor sign up is 1GB unless the donation is $6 or more ($5 per 1000MB, so $1 for the account + $5 for the extra space). If you purchased extra space for your old account, we can add it back to your new one if you post the transaction ID of the donation that gave it to you.

Out of curiosity, why do you want an account on Tommy so badly when Johnny is actually better than Tommy right now and will work with your backups? I'd be glad to just invite you to Johnny for free (and said above, we can move you to Tommy later at no cost when it becomes an option).

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Why do I prefer Tommy ? 

I might require Node.js in the future (when I do, I'll come back to you for help) and I don't wish to get stuck half way then. These movements from here to there really put me off. 

The only consolation is the splendid help provided by all You -- Elves and Angels -- of HelioHost. And I do not wish to be an unnecessary burden upon you. Prefer to take only as much help as is required, which, even otherwise, is quite a lot. 

My old Tommy Transaction id dated 8 Feb 2017 is 2015486129. By coincidence, even then I was replying to Wolstech. 

So now, do I get a free Tommy invite or do I have to sign up again ? Please let me know. 

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I have tried to sign up on your link, but after entering my username and password (different from HelioNet's) it gets stuck at Choose Your Domain. It allows only (.helioho.st or, .heliohost.us), but does not allow me to choose my Custom domain. When I click Custom, nothing happens. Just says, "Domain must have a dot". But the keyboard is not recognised. 

Then, how do I enter my domain.com ? 
Please let me know. 

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Oh, I understand. 
In your method, HelioHost wants you to buy a domain. But I already have my domain and just want to link to it. Not buy one. And that, it is not allowing me to do.

So how do I link my existing domain to my username and account, etc like what it was earlier ? 

Please let me know. 

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