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  1. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  2. Hi @dcalori, Could you please share with us how is your email client set up (which server address, protocol, port and options are you using on it)? It is also helpful if you could tell us what is your email client. Plesk settings should be as follows: For POP3S the server should be your main domain address and the port should be 995. For IMAPS the server should be your main domain address and the port should be 993. Finally, for SMTPS the server should also be your main domain address and the port should be 465. Example: Main domain: johnny.kairion.eu.org | Emails: something@johnny.kairion.eu.org POP3S: Server address: johnny.kairion.eu.org Server port: 995 IMAPS: Server address: johnny.kairion.eu.org Server port: 993 SMTPS: Server address: johnny.kairion.eu.org Server port: 465
  3. There is no need to enable it as it is already available for use, you just need to tell the server you want to use it. As long as you place your Python files inside the cgi-bin directory to run them and make sure your Python files have a shebang as their first line. Example: #!/usr/bin/python3.10 from pyinfo import pyinfo print(pyinfo()) The shebang in this example tells the webserver that this code should be run using the Python 3.10 interpreter. If you want your Python script to run outside of the cgi-bin directory (e.g., inside your httpdocs directory or inside a subdirectory you created), you can do so by creating a .htaccess file in the desired directory with the following content: Options +ExecCGI AddHandler cgi-script .py Those lines tell the webserver to execute CGI scripts that are inside the directory and to run Python files (.py) as CGI scripts.
  4. wolstech already answered, but yes, it is possible to use Plesk, though it is a paid software. It can also be achieved with other server/web control panels. Yes, all server/web control panels usually include all services you may need, like a web server, FTP server, email server etc. SFTP is also always available because it is based on SSH, which all VPS plans provide. Yes, there is. The cheaper Plesk license, named "Web Admin Edition", costs $13.50/month and allows hosting up to 10 domains. You can check all Plesk license options at https://www.plesk.com/pricing/.
  5. You can install by yourself or request for a root admin to do it for you. It's really easy to install it by yourself, all you have to do is access your VPS through SSH and with your root access (i.e., either including "sudo" before the below commands or running "sudo su" to escalate to root before running them) run these commands: wget https://install.keyhelp.de/get_keyhelp.php -O install_keyhelp.sh ; bash install_keyhelp.sh --non-interactive --hostname-fqdn="domain_for_your_panel" --admin-username="name_for_your_admin" --admin-password="password_for_your_admin" --notification="email_for_notification_after_installation" ; That command will run an unattended install (without prompting you for inputs) and automatically inputting a FQDN (control panel address/server address), create an administrator username with the name and password you specify, and finally emailing the email address you specify when the installation is completed. If you want to install it answering its prompts (i.e., default installation method), just run the following commands: wget https://install.keyhelp.de/get_keyhelp.php -O install_keyhelp.sh ; bash install_keyhelp.sh ; This will allow you to customize your KeyHelp installation while prompting you to choose some options during its setup. PS.: The control panel address should be different from the domain you want to host, e.g., control panel address vps60.heliohost.us and site hosted being stoickwd.helioho.st. Or, if you want to use your own domain, something like: control panel address server.yourdomain.com and site hosted being yourdomain.com.
  6. Hi @RH9, Rest assured, your question is not dumb. And yes, it is possible (and therefore allowed) to host a Discord bot on HelioHost. In fact, we even have a tutorial on how to do it: https://wiki.helionet.org/tutorials/discord-bot
  7. Of course, here are the steps: Login to your account at https://heliohost.org/dashboard Click on Continue to the Plesk control panel Under Security click on SSL/TLS Certificates Under "More options: Install a free basic certificate provided by Let's Encrypt" click on Install Specify the email address you want to use for certificate notifications (i.e., problems with automatic renewal), by default it is filled with your account's email Select the services you want to be covered by the SSL certificate (I recommend you to select all of them, except the option "Secure the wildcard domain (including www and webmail)", which does not work yet due to the lack of DNS management support) Click on Get it free And that is it. After installing it, you will not have to worry about your certificate again, as Plesk deal with its renewal automatically every 90 days.
  8. Hello @elkhaddir, Regarding Python, you can already use it on our Plesk servers (Johnny/Tommy). You can check the available Python versions (2.7, 3.6, and 3.10) and the installed modules on each of them through those links: Tommy server: https://tommy.kairion.eu.org/pyinfo/ Johnny server: https://johnny.kairion.eu.org/pyinfo/ Regarding Java, right now its support is not enabled and, unfortunately, we have no estimated time to get it back, though it is on our roadmap.
  9. Hi @mayareskafi, Unfortunately, Java support is not available right now and we do not have an estimated time as to when it will be available again, though it is on our roadmap. As soon as Java support is enabled again, it will be announced in a news post here at HelioNet, on our site and on our social media. Thank you for your understanding.
  10. Since right now I do not have a clean Ubuntu install, I cannot be sure if netstat is installed by default, but I do have it on my own VPS. Either way, the command lsof achieve the same goal, so there is no problem. On your post of April, 13th, the command was to start the service. Now, the command is to restart (stop the current running service and start it again). Even so, is it presenting the exact same error? Your hestia-php installation package is returning an error, thus stopping you from installing net-tools (it has to finish the previous task to start the new one, i.e., installing net-tools). It should be safe considering these steps are from HestiaCP forums, but as everything on IT, we can never give you 100% guarantee. Having a backup of your data, even if you had not had these issues on your VPS, is a best practice to be followed, so before running any commands it is recommended to have an updated backup of your data. I am escalating your topic so our root admins can provide additional information regarding your issue.
  11. Hello @stoick, Regarding your request for a subdomain, I'm escalating it to our root admins so they can change your current vps60.heliohost.us to stoickwd.helioho.st. Regarding your question about having Plesk panel, it is possible, but since Plesk is a paid software, you either need to already have a license or buy one. The cost for a Plesk license is $13.50/month, and you can request it here so a root admin can provide more info on how to get it. If you do not want to incur in new costs, you can choose a free control panel, e.g., HestiaCP or KeyHelp. Personally, I would recommend the latter, which is what I use on my VPS, but lots of our users choose HestiaCP. I have made a topic about free VPS control panels, which you can check here.
  12. Yes, it does. All you have to do is install (request) the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for the first time within your Plesk control panel. Since Plesk has a feature to automatically renew your SSL certificate(s) for your (sub)domain(s), you really do not have to take any further action.
  13. Hi @oh_hello_mate, I can see your invite sent to your email address on our system and I also made a test sending an invite to a Gmail account and I was able to receive it, though it arrived at the Spam folder. Could you check if you received it on your Spam folder as well? If that is not your case, would you like me to resend the invite to the same (Gmail) email address or would you like to provide an email address from a different email provider?
  14. Hi @hunter93, The current Johnny is as good as Tommy to host a website. Actually, considering that Tommy is full and the impact it causes on its load and uptime, free Tommy signups are currently closed and we recommend to stick with Johnny. PS.: I have moved your topic to HelioHost > Questions section because (1) it is a question and (2) because of our HelioHost > Customer Service section description:
  15. Hi @elkhaddir, Our Ricky server is not available for new accounts since it is not migrated yet from cPanel to Plesk. To be more precisely, its current users are being migrated to Johnny, so even if there was a way to move your account, you would ultimately be moved back to Johnny. Currently there is no estimated time for Ricky's migration from cPanel to Plesk, but considering Morty is the next project being worked at, I would say Ricky will only be migrated after all of its users are placed on Johnny and its cPanel version get decommissioned. If you could explain the reason why you are requesting this server change, we may be able to help you to find another way to achieve your objetive.
  16. Hi, @imfree, Though it was true when our servers were running cPanel, that is not true anymore. Johnny and Tommy currently have the same features on Plesk, and since Tommy is full, as wolstech already mentioned, Johnny has better uptime and less load than it (i.e., it is more stable than Tommy right now), and that is the reason why we are placing new accounts on Johnny, so they get a stabler service. When all our servers are migrated to Plesk and everything gets sorted out, users who had originally a Tommy account but are currently placed on Johnny due to capacity limits will be able to move back if they so desire. Right now, it would not be feasible to do so because we would be worsening Tommy's uptime and load, making it worse for everyone, while having Johnny considerably "idle" (and thus more stable to receive new accounts). If you still don't want to get a Johnny account for the time being, it is fine, but you will need to wait until Tommy is stable enough (considering its load and uptime) to receive new accounts, and there is no estimated time for that at the moment. However, if you do not want to wait and is fine with having a Johnny account for now (remembering you will have the same features, so there is no loss on your end), let us know so we can send you an invite so you can sign up and create a new account. Thank you for your understanding and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions, doubts, concerns or requests.
  17. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your patience, @allu62. Could you please run the following command and post its prompt?: sudo netstat -tulnp | grep 8083 This command will show us what service is listening to port 8083 (that is needed for HestiaCP to run its web control panel). Also, could you please run the following commands?: sudo systemctl restart hestia sudo apt-get install --reinstall hestia-nginx sudo apt-get install --reinstall hestia-php These commands will restart HestiaCP service and reinstall HestiaCP's NGINX and PHP services.
  18. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  19. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  20. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  21. Hi @milano, Unfortunately, Plesk panel does not have a web interface that allows users to install Perl modules like cPanel had. Like with Python, users can request the modules they need and a root admin will install them. Would you like to request the installation of the Perl module LWP::Protocol::https? If so (or if there are any others you also want installed) just let us know so we can escalate your request to our root admins for fulfilling. PS.: I have moved your topic to HelioHost > Questions since it is a question about our services rather than just being about your site coding/management.
  22. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  23. Hi @benmmonster, Considering only your error message, it appears to be a network issue (connection timeout) and not something to do with the server. Could you tell us if you are able to access your site and your Plesk panel? One of the possibilities is that your IP got blocked on our firewall, thus you are getting timeout due to being blocked by it. If that is your case, please go to https://heliohost.org/ip.php and let us know your IP address so we can unblock it. Also, could you run a trace route from your machine and post its result here? Example for Windows, on a Command Prompt/Windows Terminal/Windows PowerShell: tracert
  24. Hi @jnorden, About setting up IPv6, you can add the following stanza into your /etc/network/interfaces: iface eth0 inet6 static address 2001:470:1:1ee::15 netmask 64 gateway 2001:470:1:1ee::1 autoconf 0 dns-nameservers 2001:4860:4860::8844 2001:4860:4860::8888 And then running the following command to validate your network settings: sudo systemctl restart networking Finally, just reboot your server: reboot I am escalating your request to our root admins for fulfilling.
  25. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
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