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[Answered] Please advise


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We don't sell domains. Entering it as I show in that picture is how you link a domain you own already.

If it's not working for some reason just create the account using a free subdomain and post the custom domain you want to use here, I'll change it on my end for you :)

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Thanks to your kind help, I have setup my free "mydomain.helioho.st" 

Please change my domain name to "mydomain.com" at your earliest and oblige. 

In short, only "helioho.st" changes to ".com"

Please let me know when it's done. 

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My site's Default page opens, but > 
1. Please tell me how do I change the DNS settings and MX Records (especially, after I upload my backups) when there are no such options available on Plesk ? 
2. When will I be able to do so ? Or, when will the rest of Plesk's features also be readily available ? 
3. Where and how do I upload my backups to on Plesk ? 

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1. You don't. We have to make all DNS changes for you if you use our name servers. Alternately, you can use external DNS like Cloudflare which will let you administer it yourself.

2. No idea at the moment as we haven't even started implementing them. Morty is the current focus. It's possible that we may end up developing/testing this implementation on that server before it opens publicly.

3. Varies depending on what type of backup it is. If it's a cpmove file, see this response I wrote earlier today: https://helionet.org/index/topic/56220-hh418669-backup-file-cannot-locate-username-wal/?do=findComment&comment=248337


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I have tried to upload my backups today, but the Ftp does not recognise tommy.heliohost.org. 
Even the Heliohost Dashboard says, "Loading Plesk", but nothing happens any further. 
Please check and help. 
And yes, I do appreciate your kind and sincere efforts. Please continue to do so. 

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1. My site's homepage does not open. 
Earlier it had reverted to the Default Plesk Page which said my site does not exist. Now even that has gone. 

Please check and rectify. 

2. Will the > 10 yr old CPanel applications open properly on Plesk, or do they have to be updated and re - installed all over again (since those apps are very old now) ? 

3. If those apps won't work, (plus, some CPanel apps are not there on Plesk) then can I safely delete their files and folders from my backups or do I have to update and re - install them ? 

4. Do I need to put the MX Records on Plesk to send / receive mails from my domain even though the Google Suite Account has been deleted ? 

Please let me know. 

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1. Your site is working for me. The default page and downtime are related to mitigations for repeated DDoS attacks, and should resolve within a few hours on their own when they occur.

2. What files and programs are you referring to? 

3. See #2.

4. Krydos can set external MX records for you if you want. If you want to use the mail server on Tommy, you only need the default MX records which point the mail to the same server as your domain. You should have Krydos set up SPF and DKIM if you plan to send email though (please open a new topic for this if you want it).

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