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loading site super slow


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(Deleted previous post because I just noticed in the picture that you typo'd the domain in your post. it's 900m, not 900.)

Moodle is pretty heavy software, so I'm not surprised it's lagging. 900m did open for me in about 10 seconds initially, and clicking the few links available on that page take about 5 seconds per page, but yeah, it's slow. Your blog comes up in about 2-3 seconds for me in comparison. Tommy's load at time of testing was 4.8.

Krydos may have some input as well, but you may want to consider different software.

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Our servers are in California. I'm across the country in PA, and you're across the ocean in Europe :) That said, the increase in latency shouldn't really be that noticeable for a website (usually the difference in latency for US vs. Europe to the same server is measured in milliseconds, for a website that's effectively 0, but for gaming, video, and other real-time applications it can potentially cause lag).

This issue is mostly going to be a combination of heavy software and server load...I just tried it again and it took almost 20 seconds this time around. The solutions are mainly going to be using different software, buying a VPS, or accepting slow loading times.

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Yeah, Moodle always loads pretty slowly on our shared hosting servers because it is so bloated. It was the same way on cPanel. We have had much better luck with it on a VPS. Here is a GTMetrix benchmark of a Moodle site hosted on one of our VPS. I edited out the name of the site for privacy reasons, but 760ms for LCP is really good for Moodle. This is a Venus VPS for $7.00 per month which is 2 GB memory, 2 CPUs, and 50 GB storage. If you want to try out a VPS for a week for free I can set that up for you.


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Not really. It's the memory and cpu needs that make it slow, and a CDN can't really help with that, only more server resources.

Your choices are basically to buy a VPS or find different software that isn't bloated. Slowness with moodle on shared hosting isn't specific to us either, it's just that Moodle is not meant to run on shared hosting.

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