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Stevie Mysql Database Backup


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as per the latest update on the news channel, Stevie backups should be available soon. Awesome! Will MySQL databases be backed up? I'm not sure which engine they use. Also, will we be able to access the backups for a continuous period of time or short segregated spans? And, any estimate on around when we will be able to access the backups?

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MySQL DBs that used the MyISAM engine and your files should be available once the hardware we sent to the datacenter arrives and HE hooks it up for us. The backups will probably be something you'll request from us, then we then PM a link to download it. I don't think Krydos plans to set up FTP like we had for Johnny.


I won't be surprised if the InnoDB databases are lost though. Getting a different installation of MySQL to read them is extremely difficult, and that's if they're not corrupt from all the crashes/hard shutdowns.

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I downloaded the backup. Thanks for it. But just one problem, the file size of the .sql dump is 2 KB and when I tried importing them, the result shows 0 rows are found. I am quite sure they had 3 tables with atleast 2 to 3 rows in each. I don't think they are InnoDB but i can't be sure after seeing this. I tried importing it on various servers including my PC based testing server, using XAMPP that is MySQL. Can you please check if my databases are corrupt/missing? As far as I remember they were on MySQL running on the MyISAM engine cz I had not changed it and the default is usually MyISAM.


P.s. a table named bbanks or something like that had atleast 100 records/rows.


Please help me out here if you can.

Thanks in advance.

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