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Found 6 results

  1. Hello pls move my account to Ricky or Tommy! user name jurgisb!
  2. Parts of my website have had the "Account Queued" page for weeks but when I put a "www." in front of the URL it works fine. Any ideas? I would really like to get my website fully up and running without always having to worry about if users are putting the "www." in.
  3. For example, the HelioHost server is hosting the domain named "example.com". And the e-mail "report@example.com" under that domain name is handled by other popular mail server, as the MX record of "example.com" is mail handled by this mail server. When I use the other email, for example as "mail@other.com" to receive an email from "example.com", this email can recieve a mail from it. But why the email "report@example.com" couldn't receive a mail from the server of "example.com"? I also try to receive a mail using the other email that is handled by the mail server that's the same as the mail server of "example.com" and it's still recieving email from the domain.
  4. The old Document Root of the wildcard "*.firm.tk" subdomain is "/public_html/domains". And I've change it now to "/public_html" and the system print such as its document root has been updated. But until now, when I visit the URL "blog.firm.tk", it looks like its document root is still at "/public_html/domains" because I'm still seeing its subdirectory "cgi-bin/" that's listed therein the main web page. Could any admin fix it? Could you please really update the document root of the wildcard "*.firm.tk" subdomain to the "/public_html" directory? Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure but I think my site is suspended. user: in3d server: johnny Wait! never mind. EDIT: Account in3d domain axerola.co.cc is not suspended. It has already been deleted.
  6. My website (giffgaffteam.co.uk) has suddenly decided not to load. It was loading this morning, but it doesn't connect now. Help please? Thanks.
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