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  1. Game server? Are you sure it won't use too many server resources?


    Also, we cannot allow you to create more than one account on the same server.

    However, by special request, we can allow you to host one account on each server (Stevie and Johnny). Would you like to do this?

  2. Could we have like a monthly competition ?

    Sure, if you want remind me to start a competition on 30th October or something like that. :)


    I also thought of another prize. A link in to footer of HelioNet. That would help the website owner with regards to SEO

    Mmmm, not sure about that one.... I'll think about it ;)

  3. Thank you jje. Next time i am expecting some better competition.

    Your welcome :) Yes, I hope next time more people will enter the competition.


    Could the next winner get some prizes like a domain name

    or just some more space ...

    A free domain name would obviously cost money and that's likely something HelioHost would not do.

    However, I believe cPanel will permit me to add an increase for disk space; I will consider a more space award in the next competition. ;) I'm thinking about 100MB extra space as a reward for 1st place...

  4. Sorry, I really don't mean to bug around. Just curious before switching over to a brief week-end time-out. What ever happened to our dear voluntary /admins/? Haven't read any of you lately. 2 days ago, djbob was asking, whether the issue had been solved. Well, that was probably a bit too much to hope for, was it? Instead, more posts, joining the club. C'mon guys, it's not even Latin, it's only a server. See you around Monday. Good luck.

    If you had any ideas how to fix it, go ahead and tell us.

    Honestly I have no idea what's going on here, so that's why I haven't posted here.

  5. The website competition is now complete. Please do not vote or text now because your vote will not be counted, but you may still be charged :P


    As you can see from the poll results above, the results are in and the deadline has passed. And amazingly, every single website that entered won, where the style competition was tied between two people while the functionality competition was won by the remaining webmaster.


    According to the database, the winners are:

    h4ck3r (PenTester) for functionality

    eceklu (Jeya Prakahs K) for style

    parrjaco (Jacob Perry) for style


    As a reward for the winners, they each get the ability to have their own HelioNet user title and can place these certificates on their site if they wish.



    I have PM'ed the winners more information :) Congratulations!! :D

  6. @djbob - Looks like there are still some problems on both Stevie and Johnny:


    Not Found


    The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/x3/index.php) you requested.

    Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this

    error to your web hosting provider.

    cpaneld/ Server at stevie.heliohost.org


    Also, Johnny shows a blank page.

  7. I'm getting lots of permission errors pointing at /var/cpanel/users/. It shows a permission error in the log rvt posted and when I login to SSH.


    I won't touch anything however since I don't want to mess anything else, plus I'm not sure how to fix the permission errors.


    grep: /var/cpanel/users/jje: Permission denied
  8. The deadline has now passed for the Website Competition, and there have been three entries that are now up for voting. Please use the above poll to vote for your winner. Voting will close in a weeks time; thank you :)


    Oh, and you are allowed to vote for yourself if you want

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