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  1. Your account was again automatically suspended for high server load, only a few hours after I unsuspended it manually.


    I've unsuspended it again, but I've added a temporary .htaccess file into your public_html that will deny all visitors connecting. This should give you the opportunity to resolve the issues with the high server load, without the system automatically killing your account.


    Once you have fixed the server load issues, you may delete the .htaccess file to once again allow visitors to your site. Your normal .htaccess file is called htaccess_new



  2. You were indeed blocked automatically by Johnny's firewall. Your IP address was blocked for 200+ FTP connections. I've removed the block, but please try to limit the number of FTP connections you make, possibly within your FTP client's settings.


    # FTP 201 connections - Tue Apr 1 17:16:45 2014
  3. Hi,


    Your account appears to be active, and when I went to the domain you provided I see an Internal Server Error.


    This Internal Server Error was caused by a problem in the .htaccess file you had in your document root for mdiary.tk. I've renamed the file to just "htaccess" and your site is now loading perfectly fine. :)

  4. hello admin, can you check my site 'caroseal.cf' is queued :3

    Hi. It looks like your HelioHost account is suspended for inactivity at the moment, but you can renew your account at this link. It also appears that the domain 'caroseal.cf' is pointing to the wrong server; it needs to be pointing to our nameservers:






  5. Hi,


    is it posible to change account type from Johnny to Stevie ?
    Yes, though it involves completely deleting and reactivating your account. Please see this wiki article.


    is it posible to connect to mysql remotely?
    Yes, you can add the hosts you want to be able to connect in the "Remote SQL" section of your cPanel.


    did you have php support for outcoming connections ?
    I believe so, yes, but only for certain ports.



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