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  1. All of the cPanel servers are shut down. You would probably need to make a new account. An admin can help.you with this.
  2. moneybrz


    try using the default host name for the server, for example tommy2.heliohost.org would be Tommy and johnny.heliohost.org would be Johnny.
  3. Krydos would need to do it tomorrow because he is on vacation here in Tennessee.
  4. Your wordpress installation is maxing out the allowed cpu limit. If you don't fix it, you will just keep getting suspended. _________________________________________ Instalasi wordpress Anda melebihi batas CPU yang diperbolehkan. Jika Anda tidak memperbaikinya, Anda akan terus ditangguhkan.
  5. an admin can send a password reset link to your email address.
  6. You can find the correct settings in the mail section by clicking the I button at the very right of the email you want to setup.
  7. Have you checked the error log in plesk to see what your issue is?
  8. It's recommended that you only login through https://heliohost.org/login and click the continue to plesk button there.
  9. Are you logging in through https://heliohost.org/login or the plesk login page.
  10. You can issue a lets encrypt certificate through Plesk in the SSL settings
  11. Loads fine for me. Try clearing your browsers cache.
  12. wolstech would need to create it for you. Lily currently doesn't have a control panel and you would need to modify your website completely through FTP. Lily will eventually have Plesk.
  13. Seems like some kind of sql injection or someone has compromised your account.
  14. Yes you can have multiple VPSes. The ToU only states that you can't have more than one account, not vpses.
  15. Those need to be manually changed by a root admin.
  16. You can't hide your posts, they need to be deleted by an admin or moderator.
  17. Either use full ssl mode in cloudflare or turn off Permanent 301 redirects in plesk
  18. Your account isn't suspended, Ricky was retired last month. if you didn't get the email to migrate your account to Johnny, then you will need to make a new account.
  19. Very weird, the website is still accessible and works fine
  20. You may have gone over your allowed storage space of 1000mb
  21. You can only have one account as per the TOS. If everyone was allowed multiple accounts, the load on the servers would be unbearable.
  22. A root admin can send you a password reset email
  23. A root admin needs to manually add the domain for you
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