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  1. Just delete all of the ones that are not using heliohost. if necessary, can i DM you on Discord of the list? it's only 3 domains i would like to keep.
  2. Yes, half of them i don't even use anymore.
  3. can you also add myroutermgmtpage.cf as well?
  4. Can someone add iammoneybroz.ml to my account.
  5. Signups should be open in 4 hours, 46 minutes, and 48 seconds.
  6. You can sign up for free shared hosting but signups are only available at midnight UTC
  7. Tommy is overloaded at the moment
  8. You do have to login every 30 days.
  9. a root admin can send you another invitation link. just give your username.
  10. Yes you can use cloudflare just make sure the A record is pointed to or if you are on Tommy, and if you are on johnny.
  11. This is great news. Congratulations!
  12. moneybrz

    Tommy back online

    i just checked and you have PHP errors at the bottom of your site.
  13. I would like my storage to be increased to the max 5000mb as part of my $100 donation last week. this is the account.
  14. his site is up because he has a VPS. it's not running on plesk tommy
  15. Wow, you guys must be very tired having to stay up all night
  16. Or are you talking about your forum account?
  17. But if you are on johnny, you can login at https://johnny.heliohost.org
  18. Have you read the latest news post?
  19. You got to give heliohost staff credit, they are working tirelessly to resolve this incident.
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