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[Solved] Account suspended inactivity


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Your account is already active, but for future reference if your account goes inactive you can reactivate it yourself at https://heliohost.org/renew/ Also, keep in mind that the renew process isn't instantaneous and can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 minutes depending on how big your account is, how high the server load is, how many tasks there are ahead of you, how long your account has been inactive for, and dozens of other variables. For instance, you posted this topic 3 minutes before your account reactivated itself so you just need to be a little more patient. Also, it may be useful for you to know that if you can't login now that your account is active, you can reset your password at https://heliohost.org/reset/ Let us know if you need help with anything else.

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The ability to pay to not go inactive is a feature of the Morty plan that's coming soon. Morty also won't have load suspensions either (price goes up instead). As long as the bill is paid and you don't violate the terms of service, a Morty account will stay up indefinitely.

We're hoping to release that plan later this year, but there's a lot of development work needed yet.

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