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Composer Question


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Firstly, thanks so much for running HelioHost. I'm new as a user, but I've been reading the forums for a while and it's such a fun place to be. The hosting is wonderful, thank you.


Secondly, I have a question about Composer on Johnny. Specifically, does HelioHost use Composer v2? I'd like to install Flarum on my site, but the documentation specifically says Composer 1 has bad memory leaks on lots of shared hosting, and that I should REALLY ask. So in the interest of keeping HelioHost alive, what Composer are we using here?

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We don't support Composer on the shared hosting at all (there's no way for users to run it since we don't offer SSH access). That said, you can absolutely build composer apps on your local PC then upload the output and they will work just fine. Composer's primary purpose is to just download a bunch of vendor packages and code and organize all of it into a working application.

A VPS will also support Composer since you have root access with a VPS.


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Explain what composer does
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Plesk has composer built into the GUI. Go to

Login > Continue to Plesk > Websites & domains > [domain] > Composer

and it shows this


I haven't tested it out yet, but it sounds like you upload the composer.json file and it will download the dependencies and install the software. Let us know if you try it out.

Here is the version that we're using on Johnny

Composer version 2.5.1 2022-12-22 15:33:54


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Still getting this error about PHP 5.6 despite being on 7.3, but if I ignore it and install anyway, it looks like it actually built! https://flarum.apps.raxsoft.com/


Could not update the integration plugin

Composer 2.3.0 dropped support for PHP <7.2.5 and you are running 5.6.40, please upgrade PHP or use Composer 2.2 LTS via "composer self-update --2.2". Aborting.

So yes, we do in fact support Composer...

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hi...  i think i messed up composer..

...  i am trying to install PHPmailer by hand, then delete (sent to .trash/) ...  then i noted there is composer an run, it detected my deleted PHPmailer files... i went to wipe the .trash/ folder, now composer stuck...  it complains about aplication folders "trash/" and suggest me to change editing composer.json, but the file appear empty ...  maybe is because of the dot in .trash/

i cannot change/remove the application, even removing the whole folders, even emptying ./trash folder and delete .composrt/ fomder permanently... plesg regenerates the folder and still complains about the non-existing .trash/PHPmailer aplication... cant change path or remove app from composer either

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