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[Solved] is this scam?


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i purchased a PayPal invite and it immediately said the following

, the paypal payment went through with the following details


Transaction ID

Transaction date
15 Nov 2022 18:56:50 GMT

Helio Networks

Something is wrong...

Unfortunately something went wrong with your donation. Don't worry though. I promise our helpful staff will get it figured out for you. The fastest way to get assistance is to post on our forums at helionet.org. Please reference order ID # so we can look up the transaction. It could just be as simple as PayPal hasn't authorized your donation quickly enough. You can also send an email to support@heliohost.org but keep in mind that all emails sent to that address are posted publicly for all of our community to help with so don't send any private information. Thanks for trying to send a donation. We'll get it sorted out as quickly as possible to get your Tommy invite to you.

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Nope, that's caused by Paypal erroring out when our website goes to verify you paid...

Your invite has been manually sent to the email on your Paypal account. Please keep in mind that with gmail the invite usually ends up in Spam. Please "Not Spam" it if that happens so you receive future communications from us.

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Clarify; spam notice
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  • wolstech changed the title to is this scam?

thanks got it 


Account Creation In Progress

We are still setting up your account. Account creation is load balanced on our servers to prevent them from becoming overloaded so it might take a few minutes before you can access the Plesk control panel, and it can also take up to two hours for your domain to start working. We will email you at andydis@gmail.com when your account is ready. You can also check back here occasionally to see if the account is ready.

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Resent to that address instead. Gmail used to be really bad about delivering our mail and would refuse it entirely at times, though lately they've been at least nice enough to put it in Spam. If it still doesn't arrive, we can try a non-gmail address.

(Spam filters typically hate us because we sometimes get abusive users who use our servers to send phishing email...).

EDIT: You posted while I was typing :) Glad to see you got it that time. Please let us know if you need anything else.

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8 hours ago, ARD55 said:

Please reference order ID # so we can look up

Interesting. So after the PayPal transaction goes through it's supposed to redirect you to the thanks page with that order ID on the URL. Based on that quote you somehow ended up on the thanks page with a blank order ID. I have no idea why PayPal would redirect without giving us the order ID. The order ID is the only thing PayPal gives us to lookup the transaction and verify that it went through successfully. No idea why that would have happened.

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