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[Solved] Suspended: pgarcia

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Your account was suspended for causing high server load. I have unsuspended your account, but please try to limit the load you put on our servers as it slows down not only your site, but the sites of all other HelioHost users sharing your server.


If you need help figuring out why your site is causing such high load let us know and we can try to help. If the high load is simply because your site is getting a lot of traffic, you might want to consider purchasing a VPS instead. VPS hosting gives you an entire virtual server to yourself, including no load limits, a dedicated IP address, and full root access.

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If you cant see the load bar, then its safe to assume you got suspended for spike load, not sustained load. The graph usually shows sustained load.


The best information I can give is stay away from WordPress. I do not know of you where using it but it seems like you aren't now (I see a smiley face when I vist your url. Cute. XD) but just as a precaution since normally people get suspended for WP alot.

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You're significantly the highest memory over the last 24 hours, and most of your load is coming from


/usr/bin/python3.7 /home/pgarcia/telegramMaGbot.py
You need to make that script more memory efficient or risk being suspended again. Here's what your load for the last 24 hours looks like:





It looks like the last 7 days graph broke at some point. I have fixed it. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. Here is what it looks like for your account:


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/usr/bin/python3.7 /home/pgarcia/telegramMaGbot.py

This is the file Krydos says is the problem, which means that bot is your issue. It's way too heavy to run here. You need to either optimize its code to make it less memory hungry, buy a VPS to run it, or get rid of it.

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I tell you my progress in this topic. I rewrite my Telegram bot (`/home/pgarcia/telegramMaGbot.py`) and I am been testing it during this days. I tried to optimeze CPU and memory loads.

Now my bot is using a maximum memory of 829964K (checked with `pmap` command), it is not too much if we compare it with `echobot.py` [1] (the simplest Telegram bot), 777036K, or with `httpd`. The CPU load has drasticaly reduced to less than 0.0 of %, and the % of memory load vary between 0.0 and 0.3 (checked with `top` command).

On the other hand, in Account Load panel I still have a memory peak that can reach 100, but CPU load remain in 1. Please, can you check if I am in risk of being suspended again?

Thank you in advance

[1] https://github.com/python-telegram-bot/python-telegram-bot/blob/master/examples/echobot.py

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