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[Answered] How will I be notified when my VPS is ready?


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Yesterday I ordered a VPS as my way of supporting HelioHost. The only feedback from the order process I can remember is that I will be notified when my VPS is ready within 24 hours. It's been over 20 hours now. I'm beginning to wonder if I did something wrong. How will I be notified? I'm not comfortable putting the email address of my paypal account here.


Thank you

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VPSes are handled almost entirely by email, and are handled by exactly one person. While we aim for 24 hours to get them set up, sometimes Krydos takes a little longer (we're actually in the process of automating VPS creation, but we haven't quite gotten there yet).


Being a weekend, it may take a little longer than the stated 24 hours to get it set up for you. Krydos will email you at the address you provided when the setup is complete.

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