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Hi, last couple of days I have found the time and money :)  to visit this forum and check up on the news: looks like the Sparkie server is getting close to its target. To help the process along, today I donated a little more than 5 euros. 


I am also interested  in setting up a computer running windows 7 to mine for heliomine possibly. Free hosting is cool and deserves support..


My site firemachine.nl.eu.org was on Tommy for a few years, I am looking to get it back online with a bit of storage space to spare so I can give it a makeover.


I am not sure at what point I am in the queue due to having only donated twice small amounts.


I followed the signup process but it seems that in my time zone the renewal service opens at 2am since I have to get up for work at 5am that is not working for me. :D


Since I have entered the signup process am I no longer in the queue for Tommy ?


Thank you for your time.

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It wouldn't affect your status in the queue. Also Tommy signups aren't available as of yet. Once all the invites have been sent out, then a post will be made to let everybody know that free signups are available.



Once all of the donors and previous Tommy account owners have been transferred or created their new Tommy accounts we will open Tommy for free daily signups again, but it will be a while before that happens. If you're not on the list, and don't want to wait for free signups feel free to make a donation at https://www.heliohost.org/donate/ and let us know the transaction ID. 


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