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[Solved] Suggestion to add common lisp as cgi


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First of all, thanks for the service.


I'd like to use common lisp as cgi. There is no hosting in the world with that feature.

I guess it won't cost so much to add an interpreter for common lisp.

The best choice is sbcl, which sure has a binary for linux. And the second one is clisp.


Lisp is a very special language and could be an interesting feature to have and call more possible members.


I guess it's easy to add it as cgi, since it only needs an interpreter, and sbcl is very available and easy to install. Also common lisp is a very mature language, and sbcl the best implementation. If you consider it, could be a nice feature to add, and can create some interest for a lot of users. Ofc If you add common lisp, specially sbcl I'll say to all lispers that you've added a lisp cgi for that host. And they could even be donators.


Thanks for your time.


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SBCL 1.4.0-1.el7 has been installed on Johnny. To get started with lisp as a cgi create a file named lisp.cgi in public_html/cgi-bin/ with permissions 755 and the contents:

#!/usr/bin/sbcl --script

(format t "Content-type: text/html~%~%")
(format t "Lisp as CGI is working.")
Working example: https://krydos2.heliohost.org/cgi-bin/lisp.cgi
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