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Where are you from?


Which continent are you from?  

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I'm from Japan. 🗾 Did you plan to go to Tokyo? 🗼 I will also see it on my PC.

It seems that many people from Asia use HelioHost, but few on the HelioNet forums.
Sign-up update time UTC 0:00 is morning in Asia. It will be easy to sign up. 🌅💻🥪

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Montreal - Quebec

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hi... greetings from chile .. 


(chilean flag, not texas, we were before)

chile is located in  south america, his official language is spanish (so i am a native spanish speaker :P)


somebody call chile "the edge of the world" because its long and narrow "vertical" shape at the western border of the continent, limited between its long pacific ocean coast and los andes mountains chain to east ... that means the country crosses through many latitudes, acquiring many different climates, from dessert to jungle, from beaches to mountains, making it with many diverse natural resources, apropiate for production and ecotourism... we also have territories in antarctica and easter island (officially called "rapa nui")


we are about 20 million people in the country, half of wich live in the capital city Santiago... chile have traditions, and is also a modern country thanks to its economic stability (mainly thanks of years of pinochet's military regime.. but at a high price cost)... 


we are more famous because of being the (greatest?) productor of copper, by our tasty wines, and because our natural beauties (landscapes and women :) )  ....  we are smart, tough but affectionate people



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