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[Solved] My Account Has Been Flagged As Inactive


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dear admin,


I want to add "aihanunwakingsleyat50.ga", "feshispen.tk", "feshipedia.tk" as my addon domain. But when I try to add those domains as an addon domain it shows the message (XID fx8hwf) The domain "aihanunwakingsleyat50.ga", "feshispen.tk", "feshipedia.tk" already exists in the Apache configuration.


However, those domains "aihanunwakingsleyat50.ga", "feshispen.tk", "feshipedia.tk" is not appearing in the addon domain list.


Please Admins I need Help with these domains


user name- feshibab

Primary domain - feshibaba.heliohost.org

server - JOHNNY




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