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When I attempt to create a new Heliohost account and I input the original email address I used to create a Heliohost account on Stevie, your site directs me into a dialog box saying I already have a Stevie account. Will this eventually clear itself or do you need to do it at your end?

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Donate $1 or more here: https://heliohost.org/donate/ You'll get one sent to your Paypal/Skrill email address, usually within 24 hours (Krydos sends them manually). If you don't get it for some reason, post the transaction ID and we can resend it (to a different email if you prefer).


Once you get it, you can use it any time of day, there's no waiting for registrations to open.

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Just made a donation via PayPal transaction number: 3E08362411771402B. Please send the invitation to peakwest@yahoo.com.


Incidentally, while attempting to make the donation I received 3 notices of my credit card not being able to be used for the transaction and encountered 3 entirely different PayPal credit card payment interfaces linked to your donation buttons. I called the credit card company and they had no evidence of anything being declined. So, odd. The actual donation was direct PayPal. Maybe your credit card authorization link is bad, screwed up or even hacked. Worth checking.










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