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[Solved] Addon Domain Already Exists On Apache

Tex Killer

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I got to set up two .eu.org domains today on my account (texl), and could only do that through a complicated chain of actions:


1) Set up a DNS zone on ClouDNS for the domain;

2) Request the domain using the zone created;

3) Once aproved, change the main domain of my account to the approved domain, so the heliohost nameservers would start handling it;

4) Change the nameservers to be the heliohost ones (wouldn't work before setting as main domain);

5) Change my main domain back to what it was before;

6) Add the domain as an addon domain.


I was able to make the first domain work like this, but when I get to step 6 on the second domain I am getting this error:

"The domain “semulapi.eu.org” already exists in the Apache configuration."


I guess all this juggling of domains and nameservers might have messed up with the apache configurations. I tried deleting the DNS zone entries related to the domain to see if the error would go away, but it didn't.


Could you guys help out? :)


As always, thank you very much for the awesome service!

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