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[Solved] My Website Is Not Working - Help Me Urgent!


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Dear Heliohost Team,


I am newbie in this forum.I have created account hosting(Johny Server).

I can login into Cpanel from helionet.org and create wordpress site,but i can not open my site/domain URL from my browser.


I have clear my browser cache,change PC to open site from my browser,but the result is server is not found and webpage is not available.i am stuck ,then i check myheliohost website from http://www.websitenotworking.com/ and the result is my website is not working not only from my PC ,but for others


my Url : theimaginations.heliohost.org


i will attached screenshot pictures to easy to fix my error.I am sorry if my english is not good,because english is not my native language.


Best Regards






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Johnny is known for doing this on occasion. The DNS entries for it never got created for some reason.


I just did something that should make it recreate them. Give it another 48 hours. If it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll escalate this for you.

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