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[Solved] Ssh Help


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Hi there,

I came to know that SSH is disabled by helionet.

Please help me by running the command for me, administrators :)

The command is :

./run_hlstats start


Hostname: icombo.heliohost.org

username: shesha1

And if further requirements needed, please leave a reply.

Waiting for help.





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We generally do not run shell scripts for users.


From what I can tell, that's a game statistics program. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work even we would run it. Most game statistics/monitor apps do not work on our servers because the ports needed to talk to the game server are blocked.

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As we have already said, we can't. It is way too much of a security risk to run a continuous shell script for users, which is the main reason we have SSH access disabled. No exceptions.

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