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Found 4 results

  1. I've registered a domain, foti.eu and, because I've not installed a mail server yet, I would like for emails to that domains to be received and handled by the heliohost mail server. I've created a subdomain (and a test email account) and the DNS for my domain is thus configured: foti.eu A www.foti.eu A foti.eu MX 20 fotieu-backup.wolfcube.heliohost.orgHowever, when I try to send an email to test@foti.eu I get the following message from my email provider <test@foti.eu>: host fotieu-backup.wolfcube.heliohost.org[] said: 550-The mail server could not deliver mail to test@foti.eu. The account or 550-domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns 550 entries. (in reply to RCPT TO command) It looks like the mail server is trying to forward the email to my website (which of course will not work since there is no server installed), but I would like it to handle it. How can I do this? Please note that transferring the DNS settings to point my domain to heliohost is not an option as I need it where it is now, I would like just the emails to get to heliohost.
  2. Hello, please can you help me with configuration of thunderbird to have access to my mail at heliohost? via http://stevie.heliohost.org:2095/ i'm able to access email without any problem... When i try to configure thunderbird, it is not possible to verify setup: Name: info@mydomain.cz E-mail: info@mydomain.cz Password: <<same as i use for web login>> IMAP stevie.heliohost.org 993 SSL/TLS Password secured transfer SMTP stevie.heliohost.org 465 SSL/TLS Password secured transfer Username for both incoming and outgoing: info@mydomain.cz As far as I know all is set up correctly... but connection is not possible to create. Do you see any problem? Thank you very much O.
  3. Thunderbird seemed to be unable to sync with IMAP/SMTP settings, so I tried to switch over to Outlook 2013. Using the settings: Username: [name here]@twinklecode.org IMAP server: stevie.heliohost.org (Port 993) SMTP server: stevie.heliohost.org (Port 465) Both were set to SSL. Server is Stevie. Outlook 2013 will test the login and send a test email; both tests pass. It then synchronizes all the subfolders (Junk, Drafts, Sent, etc.) of the inbox but not the main inbox itself. Is there some setting I need to change somewhere? It's kind of bad when you can see all your emails except the ones in the inbox. Thanks!
  4. I've seen part of this issue come up a few times, with workaround resolutions that really aren't ideal, but I've not seen this related continuation of the problem. The recommended ports for IMAP: 993; and for SMTP: 465. The (not recommended) settings are for IMAP: 143; and for SMTP: 25. But neither of these work in Thunderbird. The only config that works is IMAP: 143 (not recommended) and for SMTP: 587 (not listed for either config setting). And as was mentioned in another users post, Thunderbird gave a warning message about the security settings being potentially unsafe one time, and gave the option to override it (which I did, but I'd rather not have to do that). However, AVG is unable to scan the emails for viruses because they are encripted with unorthodox settings, so I have to manually input the server/port settings in AVG. The problem is, none of the 3 port options work, which means AVG pops up 4 times (1 for each address) every 5 minutes to let me know, interrupting anything I may be doing from reading an article, coding, or watching a video. What I don't want to do is compromise on email security, and that's what I'm being forced to do... which makes this a HH problem, and not an AVG problem. What I need is not a workaround to prevent AVG from telling me there is a problem, but a solution that allows me to use the correct (and secure) port settings that AVG will recognize and that Thunderbird will use without security overrides.
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