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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I use PHP framework http://seerio.us/w/doku.php It has an error: Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons in /path_to_public_html_dir/az/server/php/generator.php on line 32 Because, it can't to call php command. How can i manage this?
  2. Hi, I need Python 3.6,Bottle,django framework, and mailjet_rest installed on the instance allocated to me. Please do the needful. Need to host a bottle framework based website/one pager. Regards, Wilbur
  3. I guest I've followed How do I use Python/Django? perfectly, exept the sentence: If it is your wish to develop on-site you will need to manually create a blank __init__.py file, a settings.py file, and a urls.py file. And after that, after following the guide, my specified subdirectory is now have an 500 Internal Server Error.. Do I need to install the Django web development framework manually before it'll work? Please help..
  4. Hi, Is it possible to use other Python framework like web2py instead of Django on Heliohost? How could I set it up? Thank you, Christian
  5. I put this under the site suggestions some time ago, but haven't heard anything about it. I'd like to get Catalyst or MojoLicious installed. They are both popular perl frameworks that make it easy to sessionize and build templates websites. The only alternative I can use is the dated CGI module family.
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