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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I have been trying to re-install the latest Joomla (3.9.x) onto my raspberry pi, using my new heliohost postgreSQL database. I couldn't figure out why the installation script hangs until php timeout (increasing the timeout value just causes it to hang for longer), then returns to the pre-installation overview. https://downloads.joomla.org/technical-requirements Turns out that Joomla 3.x has a recommended requirement for postgreSQL - version 9.1 or greater - and a minimum requirement for version 8.3.18. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Johnny is running PostgreSQL 8.1.23 - will this ever be upgraded? Or am I stuck with this version of postgreSQL unless I can find an opening on a different helio server (I know its closed, but stevie is v9.0.7, for example)? Is it possible for it to be upgraded? At least the minor version up to the minimum req. of 8.3.18?
  2. Hi, I've just managed to setup Joomla, but soon I redirected to control panel, I received error notification like: should I simply ignoring it? TIA
  3. Hi mates I can log in to softaculous but there is no jm 3.8.1 update while in Jm backup there is update notification. There is a bug in jm 3.8.0 hence i would like to do the update soon. What is happening, advice please. TQ.
  4. Hi gurus At backend of Joomla, i tried up from jm3.7.5 using both methods (direct or upload the Jm update zip file) but failed In both case it says can't OPEN Joomla_3.8.0-Stable-Update_Package.zip in public_html/tmp folder. I tried placing the file there too with rights 0755 but result still can't read. Where did i go wrong?
  5. I've been trying to install joomla manually with PostgreSQL, but neither connect to the DB, neither can login with phpPgAdmin, neither can delete the databases nor users. I'm using the "Johnny" server but still cannot advance. Would you mind to help me to solve it please? Thank you. Server Info username: olschool Domain: suescuelaonline.tk Server: Johnny
  6. csrus//Jonny//cornsnakesrus.heliohost.org After completing the joomla installation using Softaculous everytime I attempt to log in to the back end the username and passord is not recognised with the message; "Warning Username and password do not match or you do not have an account yet." I have not been able to find a solution in the forums.
  7. I recently installed Joomla 3.x on Heliohost using Softaculous and it works, but when I go to the location I installed it, I see a directory listing rather than index.php automatically being used as the homepage. http://tstewart.heli...org/joomlaSite/ On my main site I have modified .htaccess to use Home.aspx as the DirectoryIndex, but when I do this to the htaccess file in the joomlaSite directory: DirectoryIndex index.php I get this error Am I making a mistake here? I am not too familiar with htaccess files.
  8. Which CMS (Content Management System) is best for website designing and developing? Which CMS is best for e-commerce design and developing specially? My friend asked me to develop a website. He also want to edit the website like adding content, images, text, category, create login id, create password by own. I think some web developer make a Admin Section in the website and client can edit the website from there. How those web developer makes this thing happen? Is it possible in Drupal? Or is there any better way to make that type of website? In Drupal is it possible to make a website like helionet? Or is there any other better CMS?
  9. Hallo I tried to install Joomla 3. But it gave the following message that Magic Quotes GPC off error & without this, Joomla 3 installation could not proceed. Please advise how to solve this problem.
  10. Dear Admins I have a problem with my joomla installation I have warnings. The PHP temporary directory is not set. The PHP temporary directory is the directory that PHP uses to store an uploaded file before Joomla! can access this file. Whilst the directory not being set isn’t always a problem, if you are having issues with manifest files not being detected or uploaded files not being detected, setting this in your php.ini file might fix the issue.” How I can I find this file please? Thanks very much!! u.u
  11. Hello: I am a new user on Heliohost and I have problems with my new site. This is a Joomla site and when I try to change or create a new article, it doesnt come update until next day. I have pressed alt+F5, cleared explorer cache and JAT3 cache, but nothing works. Is somewhere else more cache configuration that I haven´t touch? Thanks in advance.
  12. dear heliohost team I am making a joomla website. The link is www.testingjoomla.heliohost.org Server - Johny Apache version - 2.2.21 PHP version - 5.3.8 Joomla was uploaded successfully, but i wanted to install some extension from joomla extension directory. While uploading an extension JCE (size - 1.3 MB), i got this error 500 internal server error, but if i install any extension less than 1 MB it gets uploaded and no errors. I really dont know how to solve this error. Any help would be great Thanks
  13. I succesfully installed a Joomla 1.5.25 and a Joomla 2.5.3 site on heliohost with the help of Softaculous. But it seems some basic functionality is DISABLED. For example: - I want to add some images of my own to these Joomla sites via Administration / Content / Mediamanager in the Joomla backend. But there the button "Choose file" (to upload a image file from my local PC) is DISABLED (GHOSTED), so I can not perform this action ! How can I bypass this problem ? - The same problem with an external Joomla template. I can upload and install such a template, it gives correct completion messages, but in the Joomla template manager this new template does not show up ! WHY ? Do I have develop a Joomla site elsewhere and then upload the whole thing to overcome these problems ? Hope somebody can help ! Jan Bours I forgot to mention: I am also not able to add an external editor (which is unusual for Joomla)
  14. Has anyone used Joomla on Helio? Hope this is the right forum. Most of the technical forums I saw here focused mainly on hacking. I do not see why IIS would be needed. Software Recommended Minimum More information PHP* 5.2 + 4.3.10 http://www.php.net MySQL** 4.1.x + 3.23 http://www.mysql.com Apache*** (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib) 2.x + 1.3 http://www.apache.org Microsoft IIS**** 7 6 http://www.iis.net
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