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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I recently created my first database and database user and was able to add the user to the database in cPanel. However, I am confused as to how a user with the login credentials I created would be able to access and modify data in the database in phpMyAdmin without having to first login through Heliohost cPanel? This is for security reasons as I do not want one user (who has access to only one database) to be able to tamper with other users/databases. Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you, Ardent
  2. HI, I was unable to access phpmyadmin. Consequently changed my cpanel password. Was able to accesss to phpmyadmin however no databases are showing up in phpmyadmin. Here are the missing ones: 1. gujsingh_millennium1 2. gujsingh_rajgarh 3. gujsingh_unique please recreate / fix it ASAP. Thanks guj Ref: http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/22939-solved-empty-database/?hl=%2Bdatabases+%2Bshow&do=findComment&comment=113730
  3. I've been trying to install joomla manually with PostgreSQL, but neither connect to the DB, neither can login with phpPgAdmin, neither can delete the databases nor users. I'm using the "Johnny" server but still cannot advance. Would you mind to help me to solve it please? Thank you. Server Info username: olschool Domain: suescuelaonline.tk Server: Johnny
  4. Hello, I successfully created my account and logged in and created a postgresql database. However, when I access phpPgAdmin, I try logging in using my account credentials but can't login to PostgreSQL server. Please help
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