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  1. Hi, I'm trying to setup a Database (PostgreSql) that I'm currently using locally, into a Stevie host. But my database uses resources from two Extensions: pgcrypto and hstore. I'm currently using Postgresql version 9.3, which supports the CREATE EXTENSION statement. Anyway, I've found that both extensions are compatible to Postgresql version 9.0 (as in Stevie Host), but all directions I've found, to install them, require access to the operating system of the database. Is there any other way of using such packages in my Stevie Host? Thanks,
  2. Hi! Sorry if something like this was already posted, I couldn't find anything to help me. I recently made an account on Johnny server and I'm trying to use functions from the fuzzystrmatch module on my postgreSQL database. I get errors that the functions don't exist. So I did a little research and realized that I actually need to start the script fuzzystrmatch.sql. Now, I don't know how to do this, I don't know where the script is or how to start it(or am I even authorized to do it) so I would like some instructions on what to do next. I tried using CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch command, but that didn't work, I got a syntax error on word EXTENSION, so any other advice would be nice. Thank you in advance. EDIT: After doing some more research, I've found out that it has to be installed via terminal. Since regular users don't have access to terminal, I guess there's nothing more I can do? Can an admin do a console command instead of me? It would require this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1564056/how-do-i-import-modules-or-install-extensions-in-postgres-8-4 The procedure is explained in the first answer. Also, database name is aureus_mojaKuhinja and module I would like enabled is fuzzystrmatch.sql. The server is Johnny. Please help me in any way, even by writing that you won't do it, because this is absolutely required for my assignment. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I have created an account at heliohost.org my domain name is tonyalepski.heliohost.org, I want to transfer my perl/cgi application there and would like to know how do I restore my postgresql database backup to the database at heliohost.org. Thank you. Rgds. Tonya
  4. excuse me, I try for the first time to use postgresql on stevie, but phppgadmin don't work and whit remote pgadmin I remarked errors about role. I red in some topic that You have troubles whit steviepostgreql, did you know the budgeted time for fix the bug? thanks luca sere
  5. Hi! I just sign up in Jhonny two days ago and I uploaded my Django app. I use PostgreSQL as db backend, but Im having trouble to restore my DB running the backup script I previously generated with Pgadmin3. I created a new database, then I went to the "SQL" tag and ran my code. First odd thing I found was that in the public scheme of my DB there was more tables than it should be. I suspect there is some kind of policies in the server that "shares" the public scheme with all the databases. Is this it? Do I have to create a separated schema to store my data? Or should I use the public instead? Thans in advance
  6. Hi! I don't know if this is the right place in the forum, but I can't login into phpPgAdmin on Stevie (user = edivaldo - http://bazinga.heliohost.org/). When I enter in http://stevie.helioh...Admin/index.php (the phpPgAdmin button in cPanel) and try to login in the server, the page is auto-refreshing every second, showing authentication problem. Thanks!
  7. Hello everybody, first, thanks to heliohost for the hosting service, i created a new account on stevie server with the domain name: http://sd.heliohost.org/ and i already uploaded my frontpage to the FTP and everything is fine! but unfortunetly since few hours i am trying to create a new postgreSQL database but the connexion to phpPgAdmin is not possible with my root login and password! How can i fix that please! Thanks for your help! --------------------------------- Smart Decisions
  8. Hello, I successfully created my account and logged in and created a postgresql database. However, when I access phpPgAdmin, I try logging in using my account credentials but can't login to PostgreSQL server. Please help
  9. Hi, i'm already registered on johnny server a few days ago, already setting for my web application, but some error about the PDO postgresql driver..it says "failed to open the DB connection: could not find driver". I hope PDO postgresql can be activated, so i can start using my web application. thx in advance.
  10. Hello, Is it possible to restore a Postgresql database using phpPgAdmin (the one which is to be used on heliohost) ? If not, is there any other way to do dump/restore PG database ? Thanks.
  11. Hi, from phpPgAdmin, I'm trying to export my database to a file. Unfortunately the resulting file is always empty. Same thing happens when dumping a single table. Regards
  12. Good afternoon, just checking to see if anyone has reported any PostgreSQL problems with sites on Stevie? My site reported a database connection failure and when I opened CPANEL and tried to view my database list it gave an error stating the PostgreSQL server is currently offline. u/n dubtime timeclock.heliohost.org Hosted on Stevie PostgresSQL database type
  13. Dear Admin, Just wanted to notify you of a possible bug that Johnny is not accepting remote/external connections to PostgreSQL at port 5432. Stevie is connecting fine. Would it be possible for you to enable the same on Johnny as well? Also, my ASP.NET application (which is developed in Mono) is not working even for a simple ASP.NET page. As I understand Johnny has Mono, is it enabled for us to use? Thanks, Abhishek
  14. Hi! My website voleytotal.com.ar, hosted in Johnny, needs the extension pdo_pgsql. Could you activate this feature? Thank you in advance!
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