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[Krydos] changing for a whole server plan


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You should be able to just sign up for a Venus VPS here: https://heliohost.org/vps/subscription/?mem=2&cpu=2&hdd=50&os=ubuntu22

Since a VPS comes as a bare Linux install, you'll need to install a web server and related components then move your content over. Many users choose to install a free control panel to simplify things since a VPS is otherwise entirely command line driven. Hestia is one such free control panel that's widely used for this, though KeyHelp has also been mentioned on here.

I'll escalate this to Krydos since he supports VPSes. Once you purchase it and it's built, he can help you get it set up and configured if you're not familiar with setting up a linux box.

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The first thing to keep in mind on transfers from Tommy to a VPS is the VPS don't come with Plesk for free like Tommy. If you wanted to get the Venus VPS with Plesk it would be $7.00 per month for the VPS from us, plus $13.50 per month for the control panel from Plesk for a total of $20.50 per month. Like Wolstech already mentioned there are free control panels though, such as Hestia, that are similar to Plesk.

If you want Plesk installed for free we can do that, and then we can try importing your Plesk account directly into your VPS Hestia control panel. I've done this quite a few times for cPanel to Hestia transfers, but never for a Plesk to Hestia transfer. According to Hestia's documentation their import tool works on Plesk backups though so it should work.

The other free VPS control panel that gets a few recommendations is KeyHelp because Hestia still doesn't support IPv6 for some reason. If you don't care too much about IPv6 yet then I recommend Hestia.

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  • Krydos changed the title to [Krydos] changing for a whole server plan

Hey guys, Thanks a lot for the exhaustive support, that's really appreciated. I thinks I'll juggle a bit with a virgin linux, set up a server :) in case I see myself in need I'll go for something automated.

The best would be for me to keep the Tommy instance alive, and build components on my server until I am ready to let go the free account to merge all on my server.


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Yes, you can keep your Tommy account at the same time as a VPS account. You can't have 2 Tommy accounts or 1 Johnny and 1 Tommy account, but VPS don't count towards the limit. If we had unlimited amount of server space like Google or some huge company we could allow unlimited accounts, but we aren't there quite yet.

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