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[Solved] I want to use an external nameserver for my xxx.heliohost.us domain

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Unfortunately, I am quite sure it is not possible, but either way, the definitive answer should be set by our root admins.

This support request is being escalated to our root admins.


As an alternative, you could request a free eu.org "domain" at https://nic.eu.org/. They do take a while to approve domain requests (all process is manually verified by a person) but it will effectively give you an address that you can host its DNS anywhere[1] you want and use it on your HelioHost account as well. E.g. https://kairion.eu.org/.


[1] I would recommend Cloudflare, Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS, or deSEC.

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Included a possible free alternative to achieve Raven's objective.
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It's technically doable (I've done it) but also policy to not do this, so no.

Kairion's solution is a good idea, though eu.org's wait times are...excessive, as he said. We used to recommend Freenom but they like to extort their users when a site gets too much traffic, pass on that. You could also just buy yourself a domain. We recommend Namecheap: https://heliohost.org/partners/namecheap/ (turn off adblock if you get a tracking warning about pxf.io, it's required for the affiliate link to work).

One reason we don't allow this is this scenario: If we allowed delegation of the free subdomains, there would be nothing stopping someone from pointing their subdomain to something like phishing that's hosted externally. Suspending an account doesn't touch the DNS, so we'd have to manually delete DNS delegations from the shell to take the sites down. That's a can of worms we'd rather not open.

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