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[Solved] Python telegram bot


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Hello, I want to host a telegram bot made in python, and I made it with the python-telegram-bot module. I found some older posts about installing python modules, and the link that was there pointing to the list of installed modules doesn't work. In case it isn't installed, would it be possible for you to do so? python-telegram-bot-raw would be enough (it has less features, but I didn't use those that don't exist in the raw module).

I've also seen some posts concerning excessive loads with hosting bots. I don't think my bot would have this problem, since it doesn't interact in any way with the users (so it doesn't need to constantly probe for new messages). It just sends a message when a new event is posted on the website of a student association I belong to, and I could adjust the polling period for the site if I notice it's causing too much load.

Thank you in advance

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Hello, @afonsovo.

For now, you can check Python modules installed on Johnny here:


That link has links for information about all Python versions installed on Johnny.

Since the module you want does not seem to be installed, I am escalating your support request to our root admins.

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