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Domain Cleanup


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As we mentioned in an earlier news post, Tommy is 100% full right now, because his uptime is starting to dip to an unacceptably low value. Our goal is to keep Tommy's uptime above 99.5%. It looks like the main issue is there are too many domains hosted on this server at the moment. Most of the accounts on Tommy are transferred from cPanel, and cPanel makes tons of useless domains that are no longer needed on Plesk.

For instance, if your main domain is domain.heliohost.us and on cPanel you add the domain example.com it creates the useless subdomain example.domain.heliohost.us. That subdomain isn't needed on Plesk so we may as well delete it to get better uptime. If everyone on Tommy can take a moment to look at their account and let us know if there are any domains that you don't need anymore we can delete them for you and improve the overall uptime of the server.

We are also going through all of the domains on the server and disabling any websites that aren't currently hosted on Tommy. If one of your domains gets disabled by mistake, or if you want to start hosting the domain on our server again you can re-enable it yourself through your control panel. If one of the disabled domains is never going to be used again please let us know so we can delete it entirely and clear up the clutter.


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This is perfect. I love it. Once mine get deleted, I'll blank this post so search engines also don't index the domain names.

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I assume I need to keep my base subdomain, as it links to my account somehow, but I don't actually use it.

Thanks for staying on top of things!

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Hi! These domains have always annoyed me. You can delete all the *.hippo.heliohost.org domains from my account, since I'm using custom domains anyway (sssnet.tk, and sometimes subdomains of snipettemag.com)

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